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Advertising Blurbs

gameloft.com (developer's website):

    The Rabbid invasion has begun. Who can stop them?

    A long, long time ago, the world of Rayman was filled with little eings called "Rabbids". They were so docile that they were regularly chased and harassed by the other species. One day they disappeared from the face of the earth. No one ever knew what happened... until now. They have returned out of nowhere, prepared for revenge! A catastrophe is about to happen, as this army of uncontrollable and completely crazy bunnies is invading the world of Rayman. Only he can save it from these psychos!
    • Venture through 8 levels spread out over 3 different environments: the forest, the beach, and the Rabbids' base.

    • Face soldier Rabbids, some bigger ones that are a little craftier... and even pirate Rabbids!

    • Defeat the idiotic machines sent after you by these cheats, including flying saucers and armored robot Rabbids.

    • Discover Rayman's spectacular new moves like the wall-run, the roll, the bungee jump, and special kung fu moves!

    • More intense hand-to-hand encounters thanks to a new dynamic combat system loaded with lots of special effects.

    • Plus use the new plunger gun and air pump gun, and even get a lift from a pig that you meet along the way!

    Contributed by Sciere (511466) on Nov 18, 2006.