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Soul of Darkness Screenshots (J2ME)

User Screenshots

J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
Story introduction
Starting out.
A vampire appears.
Time to start playing then.
Slashing some zombies.
Breaking a door.
Using a chandelier as a platform.
Chased by an enormous hand.
Critical attack
Picking up a life crystal.
Three more crystals are needed for health increase.
Crushing zombies with a chandelier.
Weapons can be upgraded in four categories.
Using a moving platform.
Stop staring at me.
Giant hand breaking down the walls.
The hands disappear when fire is lit.
Enemies make a surprise attack through the windows.
Using the fire sword's magic attack.
A collapsing bridge
First boss fight
Boss destroyed
Ghosts in the dark
It's a trap!
Meeting a werewolf.
Fighting the same werewolf.
Picked up the ice spear.
Ice spear attack
Fighting beetles.
Fighting a water elemental.
Water fountains can be turned to ice with the spear.
These are used to transform into other creatures.
Creature transformation menu
Transformed into a water elemental.
Transformed into a beetle.
I'm a fish!
Flying on a bird of some kind.
Game over