Star Wars: Battle for the Republic Credits (J2ME)

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Star Wars: Battle for the Republic Credits

Amplified Games

ProgrammingJeff Castanon
AudioJeff Castanon
ProducerTom Hubina
Game DesignTom Hubina
Associate ProducerEdward Hudson
Art DirectorEdward Hudson
Senior ArtistRebecca Riel
Level DesignBryan Hubina
TestingBryan Hubina

THQ Wireless Team

PresidentTim Walsh
ProducerChristopher S. Field
Assistant ProducersJoe Waltzer, Matthew S. Lee
QA ManagerDavid Arnspiger
Test LeadMichael Proutian
Senior TestersPeter Kent, Nicholas Johnson, Jason Blanco
TestersSarah Pak, Matthew Jarest, Mike Powers, Joseph Sanders, Angel Davila


Director, Global Product DevelopmentStacy Cheregotis
Assistant, Global Product DevelopmentStacy Arnold Strider

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209401)