Super Boom Boom Screenshots (J2ME)

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J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
Introduction to the story.
The map of the island.
Here's where we start. Fire!
It's easy in the beginning. Just press the button to launch the bomb.
Getting a new bomb after losing the last.
The 'bumpers' are used to bounce the bomb into the basket in the middle.
The cannon at the end of the level.
Stage cleared
The second level
This thing can launch the bomb a longer distance than usually.
These rubber bands can break, so you have to be quick.
These things can be used to move the bomb from side to side. If you take to long they will drop the bomb.
Third level
The clock is ticking. If you hold on it too long, it will blow
Dropping the bomb. It's a heavy thing after all.
The thing down to left is a teleporter that has launched the bomb to the bumper. And then it's just bouncing on to the next basket.
Game over