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Totally Spies!: The Mobile Game Screenshots (J2ME)

User Screenshots

J2ME version

Title screen (medium screen)
Character selection screen (medium screen)
In the first level, the basics are explained while playing. (medium screen)
Clover attacks with a powerful kick. (medium screen)
Use a jet pack to reach higher areas. (medium screen)
Hints show up when you need to use a specific gadget. (medium screen)
Clover is chased in the air. (medium screen)
Just hit the box to move past it. (medium screen)
Title screen (large screen)
Introduction sequence (large screen)
Character selection screen (large screen)
Use carpets as bumpers. (large screen)
This mummy does not know what just hit him. (large screen)
Sam swings to a nearby platform. (large screen)
While running on top of a snowball, keep pressing left or right to remain in the centre. (large screen)
Alex chased by a crab-like robot. (large screen)
Clover running on top of a boulder. (large screen)
Clover fights a robot. (large screen)
A sign with an arrow shows the end of levels. (large screen)