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Ultimate Spider-Man Credits (J2ME)

Ultimate Spider-Man J2ME Title screen


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Ultimate Spider-Man Credits

Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel, Ultimate Spider-Man and all related characters TM & (C) 2005Marvel Characters Inc.
This Ultimate Spider-Man mobile game is produced under license fromMarvel Characters Inc., Activision Publishing Inc.

Marvel Mobile

Executive ProducerMatt Edelman
DirectorBrian Selzer
Associate ProducerTim M. Hernandez

Game Development

Executive ProducerRobert Song
ProducerSunghoon Choi
DirectorWoongchul Ko
Game DesignerWoongchul Ko
ArtistsInhwa Lee, Jinsub Lee
ProgrammingChangho Lee, Hyukwon Kwon, Kwanghyun Shin, Hyungu Han
Sound DirectorJungkyu Moon
Mforma Studios

Post Production

Head of QAArfan Rashid (EMEA), Tara Molitor (America)
ProductionPeter Scott

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