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J2ME version

Worms v1.3.3 title screen
Worms v0.1.1 title screen
Worms v1.3.3 language selection
Worms v0.1.1 language selection
Worms v1.3.3 main menu
Worms v0.1.1 main menu
Names and health bars cover lot of the screen.
The bazooka has a cute flower smoke animation.
AI opponents have always been handy with grenades...
...but sometimes they make foolish mistakes...
...and blow themselfves up.
Almost got it, too bad that in this game they don't remember their aim angle next time.
Ninja punch
The holy grenade is my favorite.
I'll start with guided missiles...
...and then finish him airstrike.
Bullseye strike from below...
...and victory is mine.