Jack Nicklaus presents The Major Championship Courses of 1989 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple IIgs version

Course selection with the new options
Overview of the first hole of Oak Hill
First stroke, here with the female player
Closer to the hole, over par already
Jack Nicklaus is again there to offer advice, of course
Start of the Troon course
Close, but evidently not ready to putt
Finally, at the Kemper Lakes course
And here I'm using the Putter

Commodore 64 version

Choose one of the Championship Courses of 1989
Select player
Hole 1 on Kemper Lakes
Tee shot
Hole 2, stroke 2

Sharp X68000 version

List of courses in this add-on
Just like the main game, this one also has copy protection and if you fail to pass it tells you to wait when the weather clears
The computer players have predetermined names, like Nancy D.
Let's play a game of skins
Off to the 1st hole in Oak Hill
Waiting for the computer player to make the shot
Nice one, Nancy
Got an eagle
Championship skins results after nine holes