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Jacked Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Character selection
Bike selection. At first the choice of bikes are slim pickings. You have one race bike and one battle bike.
The adventure starts in New York.
Mr.British Helmet is gaining on me!
Crashing is all to easy. Just hit along a wall.
After the second lap traffic starts to flow.
Bussed in the face.
In the "Jacking" game there's a distance meter on top of the screen showing how far the target is ahead of you. If he gets beyond a certain distance you lose.
in Mid-Jacking.
When you jack a bike you get the jacking boost. If you can manage to not crash you'll get to keep that bike!
Starting a Gang Battle in Virginia.
The bikes soon get better,
and soon after that, wicked!
What would Mississippi be without a jump over the river?
Punching and totally missing.
Thankfully there are no cheesy UFO's flying around New Mexico.
Good jump but the landing needs some work and so does my face.
A helicopter watches you throughout California.
The game map
You mostly skirt beside Las Vegas in Nevada.
I guess there really isn't much to do or see in Oregon.
Come on feel the Illinois! This is one of the best looking and most detailed levels of the game.
2-player Co-op mode