Atari Karts Credits (Jaguar)

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Atari Karts Credits


Developed byMiracle Designs
GraphicsMiracle Designs Team
SoundsMiracle Designs Team
MusicFabrice Gillet, Miracle Designs Team
ProgrammingFilip Hautekeete, Peter Vermeulen
Executive ProducerBill Rehbock
ProducerLoïc Duval
Additional SoundsLoïc Duval, Jen Smith
Additional GraphicsLoïc Duval, Jen Smith
Lead TesterJennifer Vernon
TestersLance J. Lewis, Martin Krawetz, Jason Cordero
Marketing Product ManagerJeanne Winding
Package and Logo DesignJen Smith
Packaging CoordinatorDiana Bredfeldt
Creative/Marketing ServicesGreg LaBrec, designworks
Thanks toVirginie Paulino, Anja Vermeulen, Nick Hautekeete, Johan Vanbuel, Lydie De Rijck, Steven Quintijn, Rainier Van Autrijve, Kris Van Lier

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