Black Out! Credits

Black Out! Team

ProgrammerJeff Nihlean
GraphicsShawn Lavery
Sound FXShawn Lavery
Audio TracksChris Mylrae (-cTrix)
Box ArtEmily Sheldon
Beta TestingJohnny Lavery, Chad Atcheson, Emily Sheldon, Torben Harms
Special Thanks toCorey Nihlean, James Garvin, Matthias Domin, Blake Brown, Tim Lavery, Don Lavery, Abe Denton, Aaron Ridenour, Dylan Hoffman, Thal Syhabout, Dennis Henderson, Bryan Bosley (omf), Kevin Dempsey (sh3-rg), Lawrence Staveley (Cyrano Jones), Zerosquare , David Brylka (GT Turbo), syntexerror , greencoman , Terance Williams (The Graphics Man), Matthieu Barreteau (Matmook), Mike Brent (Tursi), Graeme Hinchliffe (LinkoVitch), Best Electronics, Gordon Gibson, All Atari Fans, Thanks to all for the support!

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