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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 1.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.3
Overall User Score (6 votes) 2.1

Critic Reviews

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Game Players (Sep, 1995)
Worse, other than a great soundtrack and some pre-rendered cut scenes, there's really nothing to distinguish this as a CD-ROM game. It's not all that bad, but this is the sort of thing best taken in small doses for a quarter - given all the gear you have to buy to play it. I really gotta wonder if it's worth it.
GameFan Magazine (Sep, 1995)
What went wrong? The Lynx-to-JagCD conversion went off without a hitch, but this simply isn't worthy of a high end system. Blue Lightning is a fun ride, but is utterly shallow and uneventful.
Oldies Rising (May 04, 2013)
Pour répondre à la question posée dans l'introduction, il serait abusif de qualifier Blue Lightning de mauvais jeu. Certes desservi par quelques défauts passablement gênants mis en évidence dès le début de l'aventure, il n'en possède pas moins certains atouts intéressants se révélant après quelques missions, qui contribuent à en faire un bon titre plutôt addictif malgré ses quelques fautes de goût.
Game Zero (Oct, 1995)
Blue Lightning was one of the best titles on the Atari Lynx... the Jaguar CD version is a remarkably similar translation. Unfortunately, the original Blue Lightning was released years ago on a portable system, and the Jag CD version is just TOO similar to the sorely outdated game. I expect MUCH more from a 64-bit CD system. The graphics are bitmappy and the gameplay is way too linear for today's standards. The thought was there, but this one is a no go.
GamePro (US) (Oct, 1995)
Jet fighting has never been more mundane. If you feel the need for speed, try a flight sim for your old 16-bit system. This game will just give you the blues.
neXGam (1995)
Während die Lynx Variante schnell ihre Fans fand, hat man das JagCD Debüt vor allem technisch in den Sand gesetzt. Man versuchte zwar das simple Spielprinzip durch Missionen und verschiedenes Kriegsgerät aufzuwerten, doch ist keine der Ideen konsequent genug umgesetzt. Grafik und Steuerung lassen zudem keinerlei Dynamik, geschweige denn Spielspaß, aufkommen. Etwas ganz wichtiges hat man zudem vergessen…..den Schleudersitz. Nur zu gerne würde ich mich nämlich aus diesem undynamischen Pixelbrei herauskatapultieren..
I'm sorry, but this game doesn't cut it. Blue Lightning looks and plays like a bad Commodore 64 game. Heck, even the Lynx version was better. The gameplay is surprisingly slow and when you do a barrel roll, the whole game slows down. The audio is average for a CD game, nothing special. If you're going to have a game on a 64-bit CD-ROM system, it should at least be able to compete with 16-Bit flight sims. Give me AfterBurner or Air Diver any day.
Blue Lightning for the Jaguar is a sad, sad game. As a pack-in game with the Jaguar CD add-on, you're not actually paying for it, but it's still not worth your time. The best things in life aren't necessarily free.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 18, 2000)
Your planes are equipped with machine guns, missiles, and special weapons like cluster bombs. The machine guns are surprisingly effective against ground targets, but are tough to aim at aircraft. Using the missiles is a no brainer - just fire them when a "lock-on" square appears on a target. The bombs are hard to judge, but create some cool looking explosions. Your best evasive maneuver is the barrel roll, but the graphic representation of this is heinous. Instead of just spinning your plane, the entire screen rotates in a slow, choppy manner that looks ridiculous and slows the action. So why is this game on a CD? The in-game graphics are certainly not CD-worthy. There are a few boring full motion video clips, but you'll skip through these after the first viewing.
I've played a lot of bad games in my 15 years as a gamer. Who could forget such atrocities like Total Recall (NES), The Crow (PSX), or of course, E.T. (2600). Another game can now be officially included into the video game hall of shame. Just like the games mentioned above, nothing is done right in Blue Lightning and there are no redeeming features that make it worth popping into your system. As a final nail-in-the-coffin, they couldn't even spell "world" correctly on the back of the case. At least the Jag CD has a really cool CD player...