Kasumi Ninja Credits (Jaguar)

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Kasumi Ninja Credits


Lead ProgrammerPeter Wiseman ("Ninja God")
Additional ProgrammingTony Stockton, Mark Lyhane, Rob Nicholson
ProducersJim Gregory, Ted Tahquechi
GraphicsAndy Gavin ("Mutton Head"), Andy Johnson ("Jigsaw"), Martin Kilner ("Kaneda")
Art SupportGreg Irwin
MusicStephen Lord ("Baz of Nazza")
Sound EffectsJim Gregory, Stephen Lord, Ted Tahquechi
DesignHank Cappa, Jim Gregory, Joe Sousa, Ted Tahquechi, Sam Tramiel
Video ProducerGary Cowan
Lighting CameramanSteve Hughes
Fight CoordinatorGed Moran
Fight PerformersJulie Ellis, Andy Gavin, Lynn Lowton, Ian McCranor, Alan Siddal, Gene Sovo
Creative ServicesGreg LaBrec
Marketing ServicesGreg LaBrec
Support ServicesEquinox Film Production, Vector Television Studios
Manual DesignKasumi Krew
Lead TesterHank Cappa ("Son Goku")
TestersTal Funke-Bilu, Tom Gillen ("Blast Man"), David Gregory, Paul Gregory, Scott Hunter ("Soup"), Andrew Keim (Mr. Hardwear), Lance J. Lewis ("No.1 Smart Guy"), Harold Kinney ("Kinko"), Dan McNamee ("The Fonz"), Martin Mueller ("Night Driving"), Joe Sousa ("Oof")
Special Thanks ToNathan Brenholdt, Terry Brewster, Todd Craig, Mike Forcier, Paul Foster, James Grunke, James Purple Hampton, Harold Kinney (Kinko), Atsuko Scott, John Skruch, Manuel Sousa, Howard Stern, Carrie Tahquechi, Ted Tahquechi, Faran Thomason ("Fa Fa Flowley"), Traci Topps, Akira Toriyama, Sam Tramiel

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