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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (Chaos Pack) - Amiga (UK):

    Pinball Fantasies

    by 'Digital Illusions' based on their stunningly successful 'Pinball Dreams'. Four totally new tables:

    Extra feature include:
    • Multi-flippers
    • Dot matrix score panel
    • More music and sound effects
    • Larger more detailed tables
    • Mega bonuses
    • Expandable


    Contributed by jean-louis (39083) on Aug 24, 2019. (ca. 1999):
    Pinball Fantasies was released first for Amiga late 1992, and was the much acclaimed sequel to Pinball Dreams. It featured a spiced up version of the effects system created for Pinball Dreams, the ability for three flippers on a table and the new up-sized dot-matrix display. There was both a normal Amiga version (32 colors) and a retouched AGA version with 256 colors. (The 256 color version was the one appearing on the PC)

    Contributed by IJan

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (237749) on Jul 04, 2013.

Printed advertisement - PC Player 05/94:
    Spaß ohne Ende!

    Die Profi-Flipper vom Flipper-Profi! Mit Pinball Fantasies für MS-DOS hat 21st Century Entertainment nochmal einen neuen Flipper-Rekord aufgestellt. Stefan Hempel, Moderator von TOP-DOS in N3 wählte Pinball Fantasies für PC zu seinem persönlichen Flipper-Favoriten und Chip meint: "Die vier Spielflächen scrollen sanft und geschmeidig über den Monitor, bringen noch noch ein Extra-Menü mehr mit ins Spiel und machen soviel Spaß, daß der Tester viele, viele Stunden mit ihnen verbrachte."
    Gönnen Sie sich auch ein paar schöne Stunden

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (237749) on Apr 01, 2010.

Back Cover - Jaguar:

    Are you up to the challenge?

    Turn your Jaguar into the ultimate amusement arcade with Pinball Fantasies - the greatest pinball simulator ever. This classic game offers four scorchingly addictive tables with the most realistic ball movement you'll ever see in a video game. If you're looking for instant playability, speed and excitement, Pinball Fantasies is the game for you.

    But be warned - one game and you're hooked.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Aug 10, 2003.