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Zero 5 Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Title screen
First mission briefing
The first mission has you fending off arcade-style waves of drones.
The camera constantly shifts to offer a different view and slightly different challenge.
Destroying all the enemies in a wave nets you a powerup.
You truly will shoot from all angles.
Mission 1 completed
Mission 2 briefing
Mission 1 - Phase 1
Hyperspace activated
Mission 1 - Phase 2: Better get rid of those asteroids fast, as they'll hit Hit-Pak hard!
Battling the first bosses of the game: Mine Layer (Detonator)
Proximity mines. If you don't get rid of them quickly, say goodbye to Hit-Pak...
Mission 2 completed
Mission 3 briefing
This is the first Trench mission of the game. Grey walls are destructible, which is crucial to clear the pathway for Bambam.
Darker walls are indestructible and they hurt a lot if crashed directly on front.
Entering a tunnel. Dark walls can be recognized by a sound effect left when you shoot them, that way you'll know what's coming up in front of you.
If you don't destroy the core in time, you won't make it and you're instantly blown up.
Don't let your guard down, because this mission is not over yet!
Mission 3 completed
Mission 4 briefing
This is the Bambam's special weapon, which you can use by pressing 6 on the controller's keypad
This is a more advanced version from one of the game's earlier enemies. Get rid of him FAST!
Mission 4 completed
Mission 5 briefing
These guys pack a punch if you don't destroy them fast enough.
The carrier brought a more tougher version of the enemies introduced in the mission.
Battling against the second boss in the game: Deepspace Mothership (Titan)
Mission 5 completed
Mission 6 briefing
That's a LOT of missiles to handle!
Getting surrounded.
It doesn't look much but that satellite-like enemy will be your death bringer in later missions.
Mission 6 completed
Mission 7 briefing
Another of the enemies introduced in the first Hit-Pak mission gets upgraded and ready to pummel you with missiles.
The third boss of the game: Battle Cruiser Mk.2 (Viper)
Mission 7 completed
Mission 8 briefing
This is the second Trench mission - Entering into the alien mothership.
Destroying the mothership's 3 cores
Like always, don't let your guard down after the Trench part is over...
Mission 8 completed