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Jai Alai Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Miami Arena
Euskal jai
Euskal jai: Catching the ball

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
Padlock protection, typical of Opera Soft's later games
Basic main menu
The ball game to end all ball games...

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Option Screen
In-Game Screen

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
Main menu (VGA)
Options (VGA)
Starting championship (VGA)
Entering the game (VGA)
At the service (VGA)
Looks like no one will catch this ball... (VGA)
This is indeed a point for you (VGA)
Hmmm... this ball will be a hard one (VGA)
After some qualifying rounds you arrive at Spain (VGA)
Ball out (VGA)
The second receiver joins the action (VGA)
The first receiver failed, let's see the second one... (VGA)
Congratulations, you arrived at the final match (VGA)
This ball is about to go out, you can't allow this in such a situation (VGA)
Because you will suffer the powerful serve of the other finalists (VGA)

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads to a copy protection screen. There is a load screen but it's displayed so briefly it's impossible to see.
Main menu
Game controls menu
This is the match that's being played
The players enter
The first serve. The map at the bottom shows where the players are on the court
The ball hits the front wall and rebounds
The ball touched the ground before passing the fault line