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One of the most horrible games I have ever played. DOS Tomer Gabel (4646)

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DOS 5 3.0
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Combined User Score 5 3.0

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GenesisGamePro (US) (Feb, 1994)
Fast action, easy gameplay and hip graphics and sound bites make Jammit perfect for action-minded who want the speed and accessibility of an arcade game. Traditional basketball purists may grow bored with the simple gameplay and repetition, but this game is meant to be rowdy, not strategic. See you on the court!
GenesisGame Players (May, 1994)
However, the game's many play modes and in-your-face attitude gives it a unique style that makes Jammit worth picking up - even if you already own another basketball game.
3DOGamePro (US) (Feb, 1995)
With few street ball carts around, there's little that Jammit can be compared with. Decent graphics and sound put this outdoor-rim sim in contention, but only for hardcore fans. If you absolutely crave hoops, take this one to the hole.
Jammit's a pretty gun game and it's Slam Cam, digitized player graphics and homeboy/girl attitude give it a feel all it's own. Like other one-on-one contests, it's more fun going against a human opponent than trying to work your way through the tournament, which gets old fast even with all of the different game variations.
60 (Jan 19, 2009)
If you like NBA Jam or College Slam, then this game's for you, but it may be one to pass over if you're not a diehard sports fan. It can be had for a pittance so don't be afraid to buy it if you see it and are curious like I was, otherwise just take a pass. If you really want to enjoy Jammit to its fullest then it's a dish better served with a second player.
The controls are a bit iffy and if you've been weaned on NBA Jam, they're bound to be a disappointment. Jammit is one of those games you'll have to try out before buying because it's not for everyone.
A street basketball game without much credibility.
I really had a hard time trying to get into this game. There were too many rough spots in it. First, the talking voices and music really wore on me (luckily you can turn them off). The graphics were too jagged and the play control needs to be tweaked out. On the plus side, you can choose from three different b-ball players and play on different courts. Hardcore b-ball players might like this. Nice try!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Feb 02, 2005)
The meager character selection includes two black guys and - get this - a white chick! Not only does she look totally out of place, but inexplicably she can jump higher than the guys! Her mere existence should cost this game a letter grade - she looks like somebody's mom running around for Pete's sake! Jammit tries to convey "attitude" by incorporating funky music, trash talking, and urban scenery, but it all seems phony and contrived. The bass-heavy music is okay, but the repetitive voice samples ("C'mon sucker!") are lame. On a positive note, most of the nighttime backdrops are colorful and attractive, particularly the one with the sunset over the ocean. Despite its general cheesiness, Jammit can still be fun if played against a friend thanks to its satisfying slam dunks.