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Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Jay Jay Earns His Wings Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Jay Jay title screen
Signing in.
The interactive map and the quest tray, showing the six packages that have to be picked up.
Here's Jay Jay, over the broken runway at Ridgeway.
Revvin' Evan is on the way to help patch things up.
The runway puzzle - fit the shapes from the tray into the pavement holes.
This option screen is beautifully simple.
Jay Jay is rewarded with a package after repairing the tarmac.
Tracy discussing the Lightning Bug light show contest.
The pair on the top flash a series of colors that you match to a pair on the bottom.
Big Jake in the Sandy Landing hangar
How many glue containers tall is the rake?
Herky the Helicopter at Frosty Pine
Click on the numbered flaga Jay Jay calls out. Luckily you get unlimited chances!
Addition problems at level 3
Jay Jay and Snuffy over the Smiling Meadow apple orchard
Place the apples in their color-matched baskets.
Jay Jay getting his package among the apple trees.
Old Oscar the biplane suggests a game of I Spy.
Find the animal that honks and hisses!
Here's Brenda Blue, in a little vignette about how we use our sense of smell.
Hooray, Jay Jay has earned his wings! Time to open the packages...
Each box has a picture to paint and print.