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Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

"This is Jeopardy!"
"Here are today's contestants."
Select your buzz in button.
Starting the Jeopardy! round.
The amounts fill in.
Here are the categories.
I'll have "Hats" for 100, Alex.
The answer.
Tori gave the correct response.
I rang in and will give the question-formed response.
Tori gave an incorrect response.
Nobody gave the correct response so Alex had to give the answer.
Somebody found the Daily Double.
Starting the Double Jeopardy! round.
The points have doubled.

SNES version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
Select # of players
Enter a name
Choose a person
Being shown all the categories
The player is given a chance to change the categories before the game starts
Choose a category
Alex Trebek
A clue is given
Inputting an answer
After giving a correct answer
When the computer gets an answer wrong
The wrong answer causes the player to lose money
Daily Double
Choose how much to bet on a daily double
The amounts double in Double Jeopardy
The game also contains Final Jeopardy
A new Jeopardy champion is crowned