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A great recreation of the Jeopardy game show with a minor issue. PlayStation Katie Cadet (10217)

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PlayStationGamezilla (Mar 06, 1999)
If you’ve made it this far in the review, you’re obviously a Jeopardy fan and can probably tell that I like this game. They’ve really done a great job of bringing the game home to everyone and if you like the television version I would highly recommend that you buy the Playstation version. You will not be disappointed. With a huge volume of questions, it will probably take you quite a long time to get through them all, unless you’re a hard-core Jeopardy junkie. And I doubt you’ll be able to remember them all, even if you do make it through the entire volume. It’s just as challenging or easy as you want to make it and is really fun to play. It’s fun to invite your friends over and challenge them to a game. So what are you waiting for? Log off your Internet browser, shut off your computer, drive to your nearest video game retailer and pick up your Playstation version of Jeopardy today!
PlayStationPSX Nation (Dec 10, 1998)
A very fun and entertaining conversion that makes for an excellent family time. Grab your parents or kids, gather around the TV and see who is trivia king in your house.
MacintoshAbout This Particular Macintosh (Feb, 2001)
In spite of the minor problems listed above, I enjoy playing Jeopardy!. I played so often while writing this review that I have encountered some questions three times. The game is still challenging for me when set to highest difficulty with adaptive AI (artificial intelligence).
MacintoshmacHOME (2001)
Let’s end this review as Alex and Johnny would want. A fun option for quiz fans, its categories may reoccur, but this faithful adaptation is entertaining anyway — “What is Jeopardy?”
PlayStationIGN (Dec 09, 1998)
Jeopardy on the PlayStation is an excellent conversion of the TV show, down to the super-smooth 3D virtual studio. There are a ton of questions, but the same reason why I won't watch Jeopardy is the same reason why I won't play this game: I just don't know the answers to half the questions. I'll sit there like an idiot scratching my head for most of the game. However, it's quite the adrenaline rush when you can actually clean out a category. Jeopardy isn't my cup o' tea, but there's a lot of fans of the game show that will appreciate what Hasbro's done for the PlayStation.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Dec, 1998)
A very good translation of the TV game show. I found it to mimic the game in every aspect...right down to the amount of time it takes to finish it...about 24 minutes or so. The categories are diverse and quite challenging with enough stuff thrown in to please even the most sheltered person. Heck you may even end up learning something about history or religion by playing the game! The big downside is that once you are through all of the categories it will probably not hold your interest for much longer...the upside though is that it will take you a lot of games before you get to that point. It also makes a splendid party game!
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jan 04, 2001)
On the whole, Jeopardy is a fine bit of software. It's simple, it's familiar, it's fun, and it's educational. Were it not for this game, I would probably still be embarrassing myself at parties with the misconception that Edward Albee does not capitalize his name. I'll bet my mom doesn't know that...yet.
WindowsGameSpot (Dec 22, 1998)
All in all, Jeopardy! is a good computer game. Whether you've always dreamed of being on the hit TV show, love trivia, or just love Alex, it's sure to please.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Mar 20, 2001)
Jeopardy! is a fine quiz game that most casual gamers, and even some other gamers, will enjoy. If they also happen to be a fan of the show, they'll get that extra little charge at seeing and hearing their favorite TV personalities on their very own computer screen. Jeopardy! has a clean style to it staying true to the show's metaphor without adding a bunch of extraneous 3D fly-by animations and other types of things of that nature that developers all too often try to throw in to glitz things up. Challenging, engaging, and entertaining, Jeopardy! is as fun and inexpensive addition to the casual gamer's library.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Feb, 1999)
The computer competition is better than on the average PC game show, but the real value of this game is the opportunity it offers to play a familiar family game with relatives and friends who can’t quite handle JACK’s sauciness. All in all, a nice, if safe, effort from Hasbro.
MacintoshMac Addict (Apr, 2001)
You can set the buzz-in time, response time, and skill level (which affects how "smart" your computer opponents are). Like You Don't Know Jack, Jeopardy is much more fun to play when you're competing with real human opponents. If you're a trivia buff, there's plenty here to keep you entertained. But we're going back to watching it on TV.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 1999)
Fortunately, you can adjust the "tolerance level" so the game will accept an answer even if it's spelled wrong. With 3500 questions, this game will please Jeopardy fans, but most others will find it a bore.

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