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The Dreamcast version of Jet Set Radio appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


Sega released a soundtrack for the Japanese version of Jet Set Radio.

Tracks List:

  • 1. Let Mom Sleep
  • 2. Humming The Bassline
  • 3. That's Enough
  • 4. Everybody Jump Around
  • 5. Sneakman
  • 6. Bout The City
  • 7. Mischievous Boy
  • 8. Sweet Soul Brother
  • 9. Rock It On
  • 10. Yellow Bream
  • 11. Electric Tooth Brush
  • 12. Funky Radio
  • 13. Moody's Shuffle
  • 14. Grace & Glory
  • 15. Jet Set Medley
  • 16. Jet Set Station / Toronto Feat.Dj-K
  • 17. Jet Set Groove #1
  • 18. Jet Set Groove #2
Those who preordered the American version of the game received a "Jet Grind Radio Music Sampler" soundtrack CD featuring music by the artists added for the American release of the game. The track listing is:

  • 1. Rob Zombie - Dragula
  • 2. Rob Zombie - What Lurks on Channel X
  • 3. Jurassic 5 - Improvise
  • 4. Mix Master Mike - Patrol Knob
  • 5. Cold - Just Got Wicked
  • 6. Professional Murder Music - Slow
  • 7. Shuvel - Set It Off
  • 8. Shuvel - Hit List
  • 9. Lefty - Girls
  • 10. Jurassic 5 - Improvise (Instrumental)


The three districts of Tokyo-to are actually the names of real districts of the real city of Tokyo in Japan. They are Benten-cho, Kogane-cho, and Shibuya-cho. The names of the real districts are simply Benten, Kogame, and Shibuya, but the "-cho" suffix can be added, as "-cho" simply means "district" or "area" in Japanese.

Version differences

The original Japanese version, did not contain the levels featuring Cube and Combo (Grind Square was one of these levels). When the game was brought to the USA, the name was changed to Jet Grind Radio and these extra levels were added. Songs from Rob Zombie were also added. Although, during the game, DJ Professor K still refers to the radio station as "Jet Set Radio". The US version of Jet Set Radio got a limited release in Japan as well, called De La Jet Set Radio. This version was released only through the Dreamcast/SEGA Direct system, and is completely in English.

In Europe, the game kept its original title and had the extra levels. It does not have the Rob Zombie songs. It also has some differently translated dialogue from the USA version.

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