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Jet Moto Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Options menu
Rider selection - Wild Ride
Rider selection - Shannara
Track selection
Blackwater falls loading screen
Race start
Following the track.
Reaching a checkpoint.
Two players split-screen
Two players reaching the checkpoint.
Going up the ramp.
Beach circuit
Riding the waves.
Jumping from a ramp.

Windows version

Main menu.
Starting the race.
I wan to a beach too.
Jumping on broken road.
Speeding through tunnel.
It's quite hard to corner.
After meeting the palm in air, my driver felt from bike.
Loading screen.
Even in dirt, racers remain clean.
Wow, water looks totally like a mirror!
Falling from waterfall.
Be careful not to wreck between those trees.
Have to overcome those guys.
Climbing the dam.
On contact, track barriers shock driver with electricity.
Choosing the driver.
Track info.
Go! Go! Text remains the same whole event.
Facing the checkpoint.
I'm gonna be the first!
You can grab violet columns with beam to help cornering.
Almost done.
Entering the corner.
It's really easier with grabbing.
What path I should choose?
Whoa, the is two side road!
Bumpity bump.