Jet Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Load screen.
Airplane Hanger.
Battle sequence.

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Main menu
On the runway
External view of the runway
Taking off next to a pyramid (!?)
Cruising, with ground targets highlighted in the background
Launching a missile against the enemy base
Primary target destroyed
A nice external view
Simulated view from the missile's viewpoint
Cockpit view of the missile strike
A fleet of MiG 21 at 12 o'clock
Launching a missile against the MiGs
A dogfight
An F-18 on the carrier deck
(mono) External view on the runway
(mono) F-16 taking off
(mono) A helpful HUD
(mono) A MiG 21 makes an evasive manoeuvre
(mono) One F-16 against four MiGs

Commodore 64 version

Colour or black and white.
Senario options.
In the hangar.
Flying in the sky.
Firing missiles.

DOS version

Title screen (CGA/EGA with RGB monitor)
Choose a game mode (CGA/EGA with RGB monitor)
Arm your jet, if needed. (CGA/EGA with RGB monitor)
In the hangar, ready for takeoff (CGA with RGB monitor)
In a dogfight... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Flying over the ocean (CGA with RGB monitor)
The games demo flight (CGA with composite monitor)
Chaseplane view on the aircraft carrier (CGA with composite monitor)
Some free form flying (CGA with composite monitor)
About to engage in a dogfight over the ocean (CGA with composite monitor)
Flying over land... (EGA 320x200)
Flight over the ocean (EGA 320x200)
Some free form flight... (EGA 640x350)
Chaseplane view on the aircraft carrier (EGA 640x350)
Flying past the aircraft carrier (EGA with monochrome monitor)
Taking off for flight... (Hercules Monochrome)
Chaseplane view while in flight (Hercules Monochrome)
Select Keyboard Type (CGA Composite Mode)
Select Display Device
Title and Select Game Mode (CGA Composite Mode)
Choose Skill Level (CGA Composite Mode)
Select Aircraft Type (CGA Composite Mode)
Select Armament (CGA Composite Mode)
Ready for Takeoff (CGA Composite Mode)
Stall (CGA Composite Mode)
Carrier (CGA Composite Mode)
Game Over and Score (CGA Composite Mode)