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atari kombinera

Jetpac Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version


VIC-20 version

Title screen
You need to collect the spaceship parts
Collecting fuel for your ship
Blasting enemies

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
First, assembly your spaceship from three parts
Second, collect six fuel pods to refuel the rocket
Third, defend yourself against various hostile forms
Fourth, finish four levels and leave current planet
Brand new spaceship is ready on next planet
This is very good defending and strategic spot
It's possible to pick up different items for points
Sometimes your photon laser phasers aren't enough
Another new spaceship on another planet
Trying to transport one fuel pod to the rocket
Descending to refuel again
Ship 3 level 3.
Ship 3 level 4.
Ship 4 level 1 - dismantled.
Ship 4 level 1 - mantling.
Ship 4 level 1 - preparing for fuel.
Ship 4 level 2.
Ship 4 level 3.
Ship 4 level 4.
Ship 4 level 4 - finishing Set of 4 ships.
Game Over.