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Jikū Tantei DD: Maboroshi no Lorelei Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The year is 2238.
The exterior of your P.I. office.
Watching the news on TV.
Your partner seems to be in the mood to go to the beach.
Main menu.
Talking to your client.
First things first, let's start with the introduction.
Your partner seems to be a fine pilot.
Heading to Europe.
Welcome to Germany.
Germany didn't seem to change for like a 100 years now.
Checking the local pub, somewhere in Germany.
Our hero seems to like tomatoes... the barman didn't seem surprised at such order request, though.
Lorelei, a zeppelin where most of the story takes place.
Boarding the zeppelin.
Looking for my room number.
The room looks cozy.
Basic menu tutorial.
Your partner is just making sure you didn't forget how to use the video phone.
Checking the restaurant.
Better order something while looking around at people present in the room.
These cookies seem to go well with the tea.
Introducing yourself to other passengers on the zeppelin.