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Jim Power in "Mutant Planet" Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Map
Stage 1
Jim got turned into a skeleton
That white dog looks friendly
A winged dragon approaches Jim
Halfway Boss
That's an evil plant
People dropping crates out of windows
Jim rockets out of the stage
Stage 2
Stage 3
Authorized Personnel Only
Halfway Boss
Say hello to Mr. Pumpkinhead
Stage 4
It's raining
Stage 5
Halfway Boss
A statue opening its mouth
That man had been tormented by those goddamn mutants
Game over, man, game over!

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Game start
Revealed by the first woman you shoot
That platform is hazardous, avoid it
Further along
In some sections you must duck to stay visible
Spikes as a hazard
Level complete

Atari ST version

Title screen
Progress map
The starting point
Bonus points
Is it a dog or horse?
A mid level boss
A flying enemy
Found the jet-pack
The first end of level boss
Flying with the jet-pack
Game over

TurboGrafx CD version

Cool Loriciel logo with jumping panther... :)
Title screen
This is the girl you must save., Jim! What are you waiting for? :)
The intro is presented as TV news
You know, I love sunbathing, relaxation and all... good for skin... fresh air... winged nightmare alien demons flying around... it's all good for health... you know?
Damn, I need new glasses. My eyes are red. Been reading "Brothers Karamazov" till late at night again...
This is the hero. He is... err... well-endowed
Jim lands on the alien planet
The map is non-interactive
Hi there! Err... nice to meet you? You dig antique Greece and Rome, right?
Nice statues you've got here. Goes great with the keys hanging in the air, you know what I'm saying?
The Game Over screen is really beautiful
Hey, that's not nice. PETA will protest
I just need that key, is all. Go away, winged beast!
People drop stuff at me out from the windows. That's not very nice
Mid-stage boss. He is a big jerk, that's what I can tell you about him
I really wanted those power-ups, but chose to jump down to my death instead
Nice palace! Power-ups, disappearing bridges... who's your interior decorator?
Fighting a boss while flying with a jetpack. You need to hit his eye, obviously
Shooter level. Be careful...
Damn, that's unfair! I'm all alone here...
Zombies. I expected those
Look how scared I am!..
Got a new weapon. These pesky guys are history!..
Another shooter stage, this time with volcanic background
Are you trying to scare me? No, seriously? Because if you do, I have to tell you that it's WORKING!!...
Nothing against birds, really, but... I just have to shoot you