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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Atari 7800 (US):

    Escape from the
    Planet JINKS!

    You are about to embark on one of the most dangerous missions of your career. As a renowned Star Fleet pilot, you have been selected to command an exploration party in a journey across the galaxy to investigate the mysterious planet JINKS. An enigma for centuries, JINKS is a lush, resource-rich world, and could be the key to the desperate need for human expansion in space. It is apparently capable of supporting life, yet it is curiously uninhabited — or is it?

    A routine research mission goes haywire when scouting your probe across the planet's surface leads you and your crew into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Can you escape from these fiendishly clever traps before your probe and its occupants are miniaturized or annihilated?

    • Four different play screens
    • For one player
    • For Atari 7800 Series Systems

    Contributed by jean-louis (60039) on Jul 04, 2021.

Print advertisement - Power Play 2:


    sind die wesentlichen Merkmale von Jinks. Sie steuern einen kleinen Ball über vier verschiedene Landschaften. Blitzschnell huschen allerlei Objekte an Ihnen vorbei. Manche sollten Sie einsammeln, anderen ist unbedingt aus dem Weg zugehen. Luftschächte, Magnete und Katapulte wollen dem Ball an den Kragen. Doch dann ist da noch der riesige Urvogel Orx…

    Erhältlich für C64, AMIGA

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (269586) on Aug 08, 2011.

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