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Critic Reviews

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Indeed, the only aspects of this game which don't do it justice are the title, which is pretty meaningless, and the packaging, which features poor and entirely inappropriate artwork. Don't let that stop you from burning rubber down to your nearest dealer and demanding a copy of Jinks immediately.
The gameplay holds up well, though, in both the offensive and defensive stages, making it rather fun to play, even if it does look lousy.
AmigaST/Amiga Format (Aug, 1988)
Jinks is best described as a hybrid rather than a clone. It effectively combines Breakout and Pinball in a surreal mix of ingenious humour. The result is a gameplay comprising sufficient randomness to ensure you're back to that jazz-funk intro day after day. If there's any criticism it has to be the wait-states endured between level loadings but then the graphics and sound admirably compensate for this. All in all, Jinks is a game which goes to prove that the Amiga can turn lightweight concepts into heavyweight productions. A real beauty!
Commodore 64Happy Computer (1986)
Technisch gibt es absolut nichts auszusetzen. Sowohl Steuerung als auch Scrolling sind butterweich. Die Grafik ist detailreich - besonders die Bonus-Gegenstände in Form von Globen und Geldscheinen haben es mir angetan. Was mir bei Jinks zur völligen Begeisterung fehlt, ist irgendwie der letzte Kniff, der wahre Spitzenspiele auszeichnet. Manchmal fehlt es an Action, da man den Schläger gar nicht so oft einsetzen muß. Wer sich an solchen Details aber nicht stört, hat mit Jinks jede Menge Spaß.
AmigaInfo (Nov, 1989)
I'd like to have seen the first level a little easier, and restarting the game shouldn't take so long. I do like the look of Jinks, and the scrolling across the field is well done. Overall, worth a substantial chunk of playtime.
AmigaAmiga User International (Jun, 1988)
Another Breakout would not make any waves now, something Rainbow Arts must have realised. Jinks succeeds because it is not just another Breakout, and has enough additional elements to make it worthwhile. Its sharp smooth graphics are matched by some excellent twangs, bounces and slurps. All four levels are very varied but because there are only four, playing through them takes very little time, and so its attracting may wear off before long.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Oct, 1987)
Fazit: Ein schönes Spielchen, das Freude bereitet. Nur könnte es ein paar Level mehr haben, als die vorhandenen vier. Der Sound stimmt, die Grafik könnte dafür etwas besser sein.
AmigaPower Play (Mar, 1988)
Endlich mal ein Arkanoid-Verschnitt, bei dem sich die Programmierer etwas Neues haben einfallen lassen. Um so erfreulicher, daß Jinks von deutschen Computer-Freaks geschrieben wurde. Sogar die Grafik hat teilweise Amiga-Format, was leider nicht selbstverständlich ist. Sehr angetan war ich von den digitalisierten Soundeffekten. Ein grunzendes Schwein hört man schließlich nicht alle Tage. Jinks ist zwar kein Top-Titel, aber ein unterhaltsames und wenigstens am Anfang abwechslungsreiches Spiel. Wenn man alle vier Levels (etwas mehr hätten im übrigen nicht geschadet) einmal gesehen hat, läßt die Motivation natürlich nach. Für die nicht gerade mit guter Software gesegneten Amiga-Freaks sicherlich ein heißer Tip.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1988)
On the Amiga playability is improved, and presentation is first class, but whether you play for long depends on how satisfied you are with simply improving the saved high score table.
AmigaCommodore User (May, 1988)
The sound is also colourful with loads of twangy noises and samples. But the game is let down by the lack of levels and by the fact that all the levels are basically the same (graphics apart). Expensive for what is on offer, although an improved version with more levels would not go amiss.
Commodore 64Commodore User (Jan, 1988)
You bounce mindlessly from one level to the next. It wears you out, and it's all for nothing. I think I'll go for a lie down now.
Atari 7800The Atari Times (Dec 17, 2004)
Avoid Jinks like the plague. It's very common, so you can find a copy of this easily. Regardless, there are enough bad games for the 7800. You don't need another one.
Atari 7800The Video Game Critic (Sep 09, 1999)
Jinks gets credit for innovative design. It's a combination of breakout and pinball played over a wide, side-scrolling screen. You control a free-moving paddle used to direct the ball into bricks, bonuses, and finally the exit (on the far right side of the screen). Your goal is to clear out the screen before exiting. The graphics are detailed but limited in color. Later levels contain enemies that try to shrink your paddle or destroy your ball. The are four stages, and after completing the first, you can select your next challenge. The main problem with Jinks has to do with control and ball movement. I found it to be frustratingly difficult to move the ball where I wanted it to go. Also, the ball only moves at one angle, making its movement predictable and boring (unlike real pinball). At least the music is interesting. Jinks seemed cool at first, but frustration with the control left a bad taste in my mouth.

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