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From the Infocom fold-out catalog, 1988:



    Journey into a world of natural beauty and unnatural magic, a world of monsters and melee, an entirely new world of entertainment software. In Journey, you lead a party of four adventurers on a noble quest to save the countryside from evil. Journey combines Infocom's storytelling expertise with the essence of role playing games to create the truly new genre of "role-play chronicles."
    • Journey requires no typing and can be played entirely with a keyboard, a joystick, or a mouse.
    • If you like RPG's, interactive fiction or fantasy stories, you'll love the saga of Journey.
    • Over one hundred stunning graphics give you new vistas to explore at every stage of your quest.
    • Favorite Infocom writer Marc Blank, author of Zork, Deadline and Enchanter, has developed Journey and the new role-play chronicles.
    • Your Journey package includes a game disk, a beautifully illustrated map and a quartz crystal secured in a velvet pouch.
    • Journey is available for most personal computers. See the order form on the reverse side for machines and prices.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Oct 04, 2001.

From The Status Line, Vol.VIII No.1 Spring 1989:

    Journey: Enter a new realm of storytelling

    A great evil has fallen over the land. Your town, suffering from five years of blighted crops, sickness and contaminated water, begins to lose all hope. It is then that a small group sets forth in search of help...

    These words send you on your Journey. Subtitled The Quest Begins, this classic narrative, in the exciting tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien, plunges you into an uncharted world of dwarves, elves, nymphs and wizards.

    Journey - the first in our new Role-Play Chronicles series - takes you through a world ruled by magic and inhabited by mythical creatures you may befriend or battle. And, because you control the actions of the party, you must be physician, magician, combat strategist, and character judge while pursuing the defeat of the evil which has infested the land.

    The party sets out from your home town of Lendros. You leave your town for the very first time and are astonished by the legendary wonders you encounter in your adventure. Your quest leads over mountains, through underground caves, across the plains and over the sea. Clashes with the forces of evil are fought with unexpected allies, and you must decide who are friends and who are messengers of the Dread Lord.

    Journey breaks into an exciting new genre of computer games that draws from the best features of interactive fiction, role playing games and traditional fiction to create a game with rich prose challenging puzzles, and a diverse group of characters. Over 100 beautifully rendered graphic images add tone and depth to the tale.

    Journey departs from other games in its format as well. You interact with the story through menus which provide individual and group options. That means you spend more time enjoying the story and less time trying to figure out where you can go and what you can (or can't) do. With the new menu interface you don't need to be a typist to play. Simply hit the first letter of the option you desire or use the arrow keys, and voilĂ , you're on your way. Or, should you prefer, you can just use a mouse or joystick. This simplicity lets you get into the story quickly. If you're a seasoned player, you'll love how fast you can make progress on your trek.

    Journey, itself a new exploration in the field of computer storytelling, was written by Marc Blank, a pioneer in the creation of interactive fiction. Marc co-authored the original mainframe version of Zork and the personal computer versions of Zork I, II, and III, and Enchanter. Also to his credits are Deadline, the first interactive mystery, and Border Zone, Infocom's first story of intrigue.

    Journey is now available on the Macintosh and Amiga, and is scheduled for release on the Apple II, IBM and 100% Compatibles in May. All versions of Journey will retail for $49.95.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Aug 29, 2001.

Back of box cover:
    Have you mettle enough to make siege on the Dread Lord himself?...We shall see.

    If you've ever been spellbound by a fantasy story, captivated by a role playing game, or enthralled by interactive fiction, Journey will rouse your imagination to new heights.

    Join us in our Journey. Travel beyond the known boundaries of interactive software into a new world of computer storytelling. Marc Blank - the pioneering co-author of the enormously popular Zork and Enchanter trilogies - weaves a fabulous tale of great adventure, drawing from the highest art of storytelling and the excitement of role playing games to create a fascinating new kind of computer entertainment.

    In Journey, you become part of a mesmerizing epic created in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. For five long years, failed crops, tainted water, and sickness have blighted a peaceful land. Brave villagers have set forth to find relief for their suffering region, but none have returned. Now, yet another small band is preparing to begin the odyssey. You'll share the adventures of Tag, Praxix, Bergon, Esher, and Minar as they solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, explore unknown lands.

    Pass into the world of Journey with ease. The game is simple to learn: your challenge lies in choosing the right path, casting the best spell, and knowing whether to lie or tell the truth. Your imagination will be taxed more and more with each passing day as the difficulties become increasingly complex.

    As the story unfolds, you become acquainted with the characters and their personalities. Each character acts on his own, sometimes advancing the quest, sometimes hindering it. You help them decide where to explore and what actions to take, taking part in their strategies and problem-solving.

    The intrigue of a masterfully told story. The thrill of being a part of a great adventure. The challenge of leading the tale to its climactic conclusion. This is what makes Journey a uniquely compelling entertainment.

    Enter an exciting new realm of storytelling

    • A whole new brand of computer entertainment
    • Completely menu driven: can be played with just a mouse, joystick, or keyboard
    • Easy to learn yet challenging to play
    • More than 100 beautifully drawn on-screen illustrations
    • An engrossing tale gracefully told by Marc Blank, the co-creator of Zork and Enchanter.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Mar 30, 2001.