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A winning, inventive approach to adventure games that was lost in the shuffle. DOS Clyde Dodge (3)

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Combined User Score 13 3.7

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AmigaZzap! (Aug, 1989)
The only real flaw in the game is the lack of exploratory freedom due to the somewhat fixed storyline from which you cannot stray too far. But if you are a fan of Infocom’s interactive fiction style, this is a highly polished and engrossing example.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Jul, 1989)
Journey is an interesting development. Infocom are probably one of the few companies who have the ability to tackle menus within an interactive adventure, and the roleplaying aspects are not overbearing either. Recommended.
AmigaAmiga Format (Aug, 1989)
Altogether, Journey is good fun. The keyword system is simple and easy to use and the puzzles are all very logical and intriguing. It obviously won’t appeal to hardened shoot-em-up fans, but anyone who likes games that require thought input will be rewarded with many hours of enjoyment.
Im großen und ganzen ist das Spiel aber ohne weiteres ein sehr unterhaltsamer, fesselnder, aber trotz der "Musings"-Option ein nicht gerade kinderleichter Softwarespaß, der sein Geld wert ist.
AmigaPower Play (1989)
Fein: Einfach zu bedienen, eine stimmungsvolle Geschichte, nette, kleine Bildchen - Journey macht Spaß. Autor Marc Blanc bürgt eben für Qualität: Er schuf Abenteuer-Klassiker wie “Zork I- III“, “Deadline“ und “Enchanter“. Die englischen Texte sind ziemlich ausführlich und anspruchsvoll: Sogar mit Wörterbuch können absolute Einsteiger ins Schleudern kommen; dafür bekommen Profis endlich gute Texte zu lesen. Als Adventure-Profi kann man sich an der eingeschränkten “Multiple choice Bewegungsfreiheit“ stören: Es ist einfach nicht möglich, das “Elvish sword“ zu untersuchen, wenn es nicht in der Liste erscheint - Punktum. Mir hat Journey dank der interessanten Story trotzdem viel Spaß gemacht.
DOSSPAG (Apr 19, 1995)
Journey is one of several "experiments" in formatting that Infocom undertook around this time (some others being Nord & Bert, Beyond Zork, Border Zone, and of course the infamous Infocomics). This is one of their less successful attempts. The game is fairly enjoyable to play by itself, makes a nice change of pace, and presents the gamer with a new way of doing things to try to assimilate, but ultimately the reduced interaction, and the difficulty of doing challenging, interesting puzzles with this parser would have made a whole line of such games rather less interesting.
DOSAll Game Guide (1998)
Gameplay is disappointingly shallow, from both RPG and adventure perspectives. Aside from some rudimentary party management, the RPG element has little depth and the puzzles are too easy to present any sort of meaningful challenge to most adventure gamers. As a choose-your-own-adventure game, Journey: The Quest Begins is quite good. But as a strict adventure game or RPG, it fails to take advantage of what a reactive computer can do that a non-reactive book cannot, and thus isn't very enjoyable.
MacintoshComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 1989)
In this reviewer's opinion, Journey is the best effort to date of any game designer struggling to find a new way for the game to interface with the player. It goes a long way to breaking down traditional preconceived notions about how games should be structured. However, because it is so totally innovative, Mediagenic's marketing division (Infocom's -- parent company) was apparently hard pressed as to what label to apply to the game, so they coined yet another new one: Role-Play Chronicles. While it is doubtful whether any consumer will be able to remember the fine distinctions that separate all these adventure game marketing slogans from one another, players should ignore the hype and buy "The Beer.