J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. I Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Bilbo Baggins holds a birthday party.
Bilbo disappears!
Bilbo's nephew, Frodo.
Gandalf the wizard visits Frodo about a certain ring.
Tossing the ring into the fire reveals...
...it is the dangerous one ring of the evil Lord Sauron!
Gandalf tells of the Dark Lord.
And how Bilbo found the ring in possession of the creature Gollum.
Frodo and his hobbit friends must leave the Shire soon.
Start a new game or load an old game.
Leaving your home hobbit hole of Bag End.
But first one last look around the old homestead for any forgotten loot!
Discovered a chest deep in Bag End.
After rummaging through Bag End, it's time to head out on the quest.
Lobelia is your relative who will take over Bag End from you. She is very insistent.
She won't let you continue until you give up your key.
The Gaffer asks you about missing children.
Some of the detail text for the game is located in the game manual. You have to look up the paragraph that is noted.
Exploring a house.
The owner needs help recovering his dog.
Visiting the Hobbiton Inn.
To find out the quest details, you must check the manual.
Talking to the Inn keeper.
Searching for the kids in the Eastern Wood ruins.
Entering a spider cave.
One of the kids is trapped in a web.
A spider appears and combat begins. Frodo attacks.
The spider lunges at Frodo.
A chasm blocks the way.
Using your character's skills is critical in getting past obstacles.
A Ghost King proves that violence is not always the best approach in this game.
The Ghost King makes short work of the party.
Game over.

DOS version

Title screen (Floppy version)
Introductory history - The Ring! (Floppy version)
Introductory history - Where everything started (Floppy version)
Title screen (CD version)
Intro movie - The Shire (CD version)
Intro movie - Gandalf (CD version)
Intro movie - Frodo (CD version)
Tutorial - Final screen (CD version)
Game start
Forming your party
Combat screen - Frodo is attacked by a white wolf.
When talking, you can ask any question
Inside a hobbit's house
Exploring the Shire
This game has some of the most honest side quest givers in the history of RPGs!..
Automap (CD version). Incredibly helpful. I can't imagine playing the floppy version that lacks it
Story-advancing paragraphs (CD version). In the floppy version, these don't appear in game and have to be tracked down in the manual as copy protection
You are on a side quest to rescue lost children. It culminates in a battle against a fearsome spider
The game's world is vast. Even the Shire contains all sorts of interesting locations - here, you discover a strange tomb with a ghost, greeted by a moody description
A cutscene in the Shire showing the famous scary event from the book. By the way, it is optional - you can complete the game without ever triggering it
You finally leave the Shire and begin to explore the Old Forest. Use your skills wisely and you'll be able to complete such optional little quests - and skip huge and rather annoying areas!..
You can recruit a PONY. He can fight, too! Take this, you dirty... ehh... brigand!..
You gradually recruit many characters into your party. Hawkeye here has his own interesting background. I don't recall him from any Tolkien work...
You'd think this is Hawkeye again, right?.. Well, no. This is ARAGORN - in fact, this is the famous meeting in Bree. Come on, Interplay... this guy deserves a unique portrait!..
Luckily, this scene is dramatized by the inclusion of a movie clip. When did Aragorn have time to shave off his mustache?..
After a few rough meetings, we make it to Rivendell. Recruiting Legolas!..
Uh-oh, this is a tough choice... Would you go through it, Frodo?..
Some characters will teach you new abilities. Glorfindel here is ready to learn
The Council of Elrond! You can actually learn the Mellon word of power and go to Moria without having triggered this event... so it's up to you how closely you want to follow the plot
Talking to Lady Arwen! Come on, Aragorn, say something!..
Checking Boromir's equipment as we approach a lonely Gandalf staring at the mountain slope...
Exploring some caves - and fighting orcs!
A boss battle against a mysterious ghost in the icy region. Like most combat in the game, it is completely optional
A scene showing Legolas and Gimli talking. This movie clip is actually quite long
Fighting tentacles in a famous scene near the entrance to Moria. Gandalf here is ready to cast some nifty spells
Exploring the huge dungeon of Moria. Crossing a lava river
Uh-oh, that's it... you die in battle...
...and the game is over
Things have happened - and you emerge in Lothian, or whatever Galadriel's country is called. My optional dwarf character is proudly displaying his attributes

PC-98 version

Title screen/main menu
Bilbo Baggins is celebrating his eleventy-first (111) birthday
Then Gandalf shows up and tells Frodo about the ring
Then proceeds to talk about Sauron
Start of the game
Right clicking brings up the menu interface
Old Gaffer Gamgee informs you of some lost kids
You can ask the NPCs (like Taffy here) about stuff by typing in keywords
Fighting a wolf