J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. II: The Two Towers Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Interplay title screen
Title screen
Introduction (continued)
Introduction (continued)
Introduction (continued)
Starting options screen
You start with Aragorn's party
Finding items along the way
Map screen
Combat sequence
Rejoining Frodo's party

PC-98 version

Title screen in Japanese...
...and in English
One ring to find them... Ahh, classic :)
Intro. Frodo and Gollum
Saruman looks a bit... cartoony here :)
Nice scene with Gollum and moonlight
The hobbits
Close-up of a Nazgul
The game begins with the player controlling Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas
All-purpose menu interface. Gimli looks pretty cool :)
The game has unfortunately too many bland, meaningless passages. This is just another dead end
Conversation screen
The three heroes on the sea shore
Switching to Frodo's party
Frodo and Sam tread a dangerous ground...
Finally, civilization!..
Frodo and Sam are exploring a mysterious tower
Combat in the darkness! Show them, Sam!
Zoomed-out map
Ominously looking place...
Uh-oh, that doesn't feel right...
...indeed. The hobbits are captured by Sauron. Game Over