Kaeru no tame ni Kane wa Naru Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Title Screen
Prince Richard defeats Sablé at fencing
Sablé throws a pile of money at this guy to buy his ship to sail
Exploring a village
Some deadly slugs lurking outside of town
Bump into an enemy, and battle will automatically begin
Sablé has received a heart container and a more powerful sword
A mysterious earthquake takes place!
The castle that Sablé must conquer
When in the castle, the view switches to side-scrolling platformer
Pause the game to check your stats and items
These crystal balls will completely replenish your health
Found a star treasure!
Using the switch will repair the bridge
The bridge repairs, allowing Sablé to cross
This town is full of frogs, and one tags along with Sablé
After being beaten up, you wake up in the hospital
Purchase some saws - these allow you to cut trees and find hidden secrets
A ladder was hidden underneath the tree
This man gives you a moon treasure
A forest maze is ahead, you must go North, East, North, North, West, West, West, North
Found a mysterious tree!
Eating the tree's fruit gives a strange hallucination
Uh oh, a creepy house!
The wizard here gives you a strange potion to drink
You've jumped into a well and transformed into a frog!
As a frog, you can swim through water and jump much higher
You can also talk to other frogs!
A new path has opened up in the big castle because you can now swim