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Take "Donkey Kong" and make it extraordinarily boring w/ terrible control Atari 2600 MagFram (43)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 5 2.9
Atari 2600 9 2.6
Atari 5200 Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari 8-bit Awaiting 5 votes...
Nintendo Switch Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 4 Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 14 2.7

Critic Reviews

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This is a top-notch arcade adaptation. The graphics are splendid from your high-resolution marsupial right down to the knuckle-walking anthropoids.
Atari 2600TeleMatch (Sep, 1983)
Kangaroo ist eine gelungene Version des gleichnamigen Atari-Arkadenspiels, zu der man gratulieren muß. Daß bei Adaptionen für das VCS-System immer gewisse Abstriche gegenüber dem Original in Kauf zu nehmen sind, haben wir bereits mehrfach dargelegt. Dem Spielspaß tut das jedoch keinen Abbruch.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic (Oct 14, 2000)
I've seen several versions of this likeable platformer, but this is by far the best. It contains all four screens, each providing a unique challenge. The object is to guide a mother kangaroo past apple-throwing monkeys to save her baby, and similarities to Donkey Kong are hard to ignore. The graphics are arcade-perfect, with well-defined, smoothly animated objects. For once, the Atari 5200 controller turns out to be an asset, as pushing the joystick diagonally to jump is a piece of cake. Kangaroo isn't easy, but it is fun and habit-forming.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Atari's Kangaroo was a minor hit in its day, and it was hard to find an arcade without one in 1982. They later made better-than-usual home versions of it for the Atari VCS and Atari 5200.
The action in this game never lets up for an instant. From the beginning, the monkeys are already very fast and very devious. Before you can master this game, or even start searching for patterns, you must master the skill of jumping— if you don't, even the best punches can't keep you alive.
Atari 5200Retro Game Reviews (Nov 30, 2018)
Kangaroo is a faithful port of the Arcade title that looks and plays great, and has far superior controls when compared to its counterpart on the 2600. The level design might not be the most inspired aspect of its overall presentation, but it does have some unique ideas that will keep high score chasers interested in repeated attempts.
ArcadeDigital Press (Mar, 2002)
Much of Kangaroo's charm lies in its whimsical packaging. It's one of those decidedly "cutesy" games, drawn in splendidly cartoony, brightly colored graphics. You'll never see another game so full of this many pinks and yellows outside of Fantasy Zone. It's wrapped in an upbeat musical package that recalls another Sun licensed Atari coin-op, Arabian, and the cabinet graphics, in standard Atari fashion, are fantastic.
ArcadeThe Atari Times (Jun 27, 2007)
Even though I put my share of tokens or quarters into this game back in the day, it isn't quite as fun or as good as Donkey Kong or the plethora of other platform games that came out for personal computers and all (Aztec, Montezuma's Revenge.) Still one of TAT's site owner Greg's favorites though, even though a guy I met at a gaming expo from the past December had a different opinion of it (specifically saying "Not Kangaroo!" when asked what game to photograph him next to; sorry Greg!).
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Jul 07, 2004)
The sound effects are minimal, but cute jingles play at the beginning and end of each screen. Kangaroo won't impress you with its graphics, but its challenging gameplay should keep you occupied.
Atari 2600Retro Game Reviews (Apr 23, 2016)
Kangaroo doesn't have much in the way of originality but it's still an enjoyable platformer that's worth a look. The wonky jumping controls do mar the experience though and despite the fun gameplay it's an issue that repeatedly crops up and causes a little too much frustration for my liking.
Atari 2600neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Im Großen und Ganzen bleibt Kangaroo jedoch selbst ohne den Vergleich zum Original grafisch auf der Strecke. Ansonsten jedoch macht das Spiel mehr richtig als falsch, bleibt aber auch extrem kurz, weswegen eine uneingeschränkte Empfehlung nicht ausgesprochen werden kann. Trotz alledem sollte man sich das Spiel als Fan des Genres auf jeden Fall anschauen und selbst urteilen.
This Atari 8-bit version has all of the original 4 screens as well as difficulty levels and a two-player mode. This translation is far prettier than the ugly 2600 version of the game with lovely use of colour, nice animation and on screen scoring. It also sounds better too thanks to the superior sound chip. Kangaroo is a good conversion of the arcade game that offers a nice alternative to the excellent A8 port of Donkey Kong.
Atari 2600Retroage (Dec 18, 2010)
Kangaroo to całkiem miła zręcznościówka. Co prawda dość krótka, ale jeśli ktoś szuka szybkiej i nieskomplikowanej rozrywki to znajdzie ją właśnie w tym tytule. Nie może równać się z największymi hitami na Atari 2600, ale to naprawdę solidna produkcja. Warto poświecić jej parę minut i zagrać kilka partyjek kasując facjaty wrednym małpom.
Atari 5200Digital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 10, 2003)
Kangaroo is a fine game for the Atari 5200, barely a TOP 10 in my opinion. If you happen to find one while you are scouring the world for games.... do yourself a favor: pick it up and have some fun!
Atari 2600The Atari Times (Sep 20, 2005)
At the end of the day though, I am still attracted to this game for some reason. I want to make sure that momma makes it to the top to save her baby. There is something oddly enjoyable about this title that makes me keep coming back to it, so regardless of the fact that it has poor graphics, sound and control, it is going to get a decent rating. If you can find it cheaply -- and I'm sure you can -- it might be worth trying out yourself!
Atari 2600All Game Guide (1998)
Kangaroo isn't by any stretch a bad game; in fact it's kind of cute for awhile, but it's hardly what you would call addicting or riveting.
Atari 2600Oldies Rising (Sep 16, 2011)
Un jeu sympathique pour un plagiat assumé de la vedette Donkey Kong. A l'époque comme actuellement si on y réfléchit bien, les copies ont toujours été un pan non négligeable, voire même culturel/historique de notre industrie du jeu vidéo. Cette fois la copie est bonne et l'univers est attachant. Sans atteindre le charme d'un Donkey Kong, ce Kangaroo est assez plaisant pour figurer dans une bonne logithèque Atari 2600. La version proposée reste certes amputée de quelques subtilités et demeure forcément diminuée graphiquement parlant mais elle fait à n'en pas douter partie des bonnes surprises de la console.
Atari 2600Woodgrain Wonderland (May 06, 2017)
It’s not often I give a game a low grade due to extreme difficulty but once you consider the game’s poor graphics, sluggish gameplay and higher expectations from the designers, Kangaroo rates a D+.
ArcadeJoyStik (Nov, 1982)
Well, I don't know about you, but it makes me wonder how much respect the designer of this game really has for the human race. Does this person really expect me to shove my hard-earned cash into a machine, so that I can pretend to be a female marsupial in combat with a gang of marauding chimpanzees that kidnapped my baby? Puhleeease! The only thing more degrading would be admitting to my family and friends how I spent my day off. If I told even a casual acquaintance that I just spent the afternoon playing a video game that let me punch out monkeys, he'd probably spend the rest of his life trying to discover what I had really done that afternoon. And God only knows what could happen if an old friend were to actually see me doing such things in public. I can only hope that he would have enough sense to shove a mirror in front of me and shout "Aren't you just a little embarrassed?"

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