Karei naru Jinsei: Mina-san no okage desu Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Getting started
In the beginning, you don't know any girls; the choices are hence very limited
Got lots of money!
Players' parameters
Advanced stage; more choices!
Giving presents to a girl
Viewing a girl's parameters
I have to go to the dentist...
Demonic creatures appear...
"Girl icon" leads to a new encounter
Impressing the girls with my muscles :)
Looks like we have success!..
Interesting angles...
Oh, the passion...
Got a baby! :))
Getting married :)
Are you sure it will be comfortable?..
Interesting choice of underwear...
Pact with the devil! :)
Playing poker :)
Dig the lingerie!..
You can view all the hentai scenes in a special menu
Banging the school teacher must be a Japanese male teenager's fantasy...