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NES 8 3.7
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91 (Jun, 2012)
Kickle Cubicle might not have the brain-benders of the Lolo series, but it’s great for kids and adults who don’t want to think so hard (admittedly, I find myself in this group more often than I’d like). It truly is a joy to play.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Feb 03, 2017)
Kickle Cubicle is an exceptional game that successfully blends action and puzzle elements into a beautifully crafted adventure. Every level is exquisitely designed and the balanced difficulty curve, uber-cute characters and top-notch gameplay make this an irresistible title that every NES owner should experience.
NESJoystick (French) (Dec, 1991)
Kickel Cubicle est, en fin de compte, un jeu très sympathique auquel on prend très vite plaisir à jouer. Son aspect mi-action, mi-réflexion, même si, je le répète le niveau de réflexion n'est pas extraordinairement élevé, devrait pouvoir séduire les plus jeunes. D'ailleurs, même les moins jeunes le trouveront certainement bien amusant mais ils regretteront de le finir en si peu de temps, car, il faut le reconnaître, Kickel Cubicle pêche par trop de simplicité.
83 (Jun 02, 2008)
There you have it, Kickle Cubicle, a puzzle game with a twist. I really wish they would remake this for the Game Boy. It would make for a perfect travel game. Pick it up, beat a level or two, and save your game. But until they do you can find this little gem cheap at flea markets or online somewhere. If you are tired of traditional puzzle games and want to hold a rectangle for a controller, find yourself a copy of Kickle Cubicle for the NES and enjoy.
At the end of each of the four lands, Kickle will engage in an enemy boss battle. The graphics are well done with unique characters and enemies, and the music is fun and spirited. It’s a nice, enjoyably charming puzzle game that will probably leave a smile on your face.
It is a great strategy game combining the block kicking entertainment of the old game Pengo with strategy similar to that found in Lolo.
80 (May 28, 2011)
Malgré l'aspect un peu simple et répétitif du jeu, Kickle Cubicle reste l'un des très bons jeux de la NES. Son concept très accrocheur nous fait entrer dans la partie très rapidement sans nous permettre de lâcher la manette avant d'avoir vu le bout de l'aventure.
NESQuebec Gamers (May 29, 2007)
Kickle Cubicle est un bon petit jeu de puzzle avec une belle présentation. Une difficulté modérée rend le jeu un peu simple mais ça plaira à ceux qui cherchent un jeu de puzzle sans qu'il ne soit trop difficile.
NESVideo Games (Dec, 1991)
Kickle Cubickle ist ein Spiel, das jung und alt freundig stimmt: total gewaltfrei, schnell erlernbar, witzig und überaus putzig. Pengo-Fans kommen an dem Modul sowieso nicht vorbei, alle anderen Geschicklichkeitsfreaks dürfen ebenfalls zugreifen.
NESMean Machines (Nov, 1991)
Kickle Cubicle is an almost brilliant game which is sadly let down by a few annoying flaws. It's fun to play and is very addictive at first, with the simplistic gameplay providing very entertaining, medium-paced puzzle-solving antics. However, the challenge never really appears, and with very little practice you're able to get miles into the game - and the infinite continues let even the biggest videogame idiot complete the game with ease! Puzzle fans will certainly enjoy Kickle Cubicle, but unfortunately the enjoyment just doesn't last long enough.