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Kid Chaos is transported from the stone age into an unknown world by evil scientists from the future. Now he must fight his way through artificial environments such as the Secret Garden, Toxic Wasteland, Toy Factory, Techno Fortress, and the Ruined City to reach the time machine that can transport him back home.

Kid does this by running through the level, destroying all wildlife and several destruction targets, then leave the level by the exit door, which remain closed until Kid has destroyed all destruction targets. He destroys by swinging his club in the air and hitting them. He can also whiz if he's running fast, which enable him to discover hidden passages through walls that usually contain apples and power-ups. These are also found if Kid manages to jump really high in the air and lands on a platform that usually lead to secret passages.

There are five levels and four sections to complete in all of them (a total of twenty levels) and Kid start each level with three lives. During the level, if he loses health just by touching wildlife, or if the time expires, he is warped out of the level, loses a life, and has to restart the level at the checkpoints he passes through. His health can be restored either by waiting for the health meter to reach 99 (the boring way) or collecting apples (the smart way), but as Kid progresses further throughout the game, these apples become rare as well as his destruction targets.

Once he leaves a level, Kid is given a statistics screen, telling him the percentage of destruction he has caused, how much wildlife he has killed, how many apples he collected, and other extras. These "extras" probably include how much more of his destruction targets he broke beyond the requirement.

As mentioned earlier, if Kid jumps really high to reach a platform, he can get power-ups, giving him such wonderful things like extra lives, extra time, or extra health. He can also collect a life token. If he manages to find three life tokens within the same section, then he is awarded an extra life as well.

Every fourth level, Kid will be faced with a challenge, and the object of these is usually to kill something, but there's always a catch for these challenges. For example, in Toy Factory, he has to shoot teddy bears at least ten times to blow them up, while avoiding shooting at ducks; and in Techno Fortress, he's presented with a game similar to Space Invaders, but only this time, there are no barriers.

Kid Chaos starts off easily, but the further he progresses in the game, the higher the damage factor. Early in the game, he is allowed to hit so much wildlife before he loses a life, but as he progresses through each level, he can't afford to be hit not even once. Some levels in the game are quite tricky. Some levels require him to race through the level under a very strict time limit, while others contain a huge destruction target and he can't afford to miss any of these targets.

The game uses a password system, that allows you to resume at the start of each level. In terms of the gameplay, one of the cheats say it all.


Kid Chaos Amiga This is Kid Chaos, and he looks ready to kill
Kid Chaos Amiga Running through a tunnel
Kid Chaos Amiga Oh boy, apples!
Kid Chaos Amiga Welcome to the ruined city

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Alternate Titles

  • "Kid Vicious" -- Working title

User Reviews

Nice graphics and music, but let down by flawed gameplay Amiga Gary Smith (65)

Critic Reviews

Génération 4 Amiga CD32 Nov, 1994 88 out of 100 88
Amiga Joker Amiga CD32 Dec, 1994 83 out of 100 83
Amiga Joker Amiga Oct, 1994 82 out of 100 82
Amiga Games Amiga Oct, 1994 82 out of 100 82
Play Time Amiga Nov, 1994 80 out of 100 80


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The game’s working title was dropped at the last minute when lawyers for the notorious punk rock group The Sex Pistols threatened to sue for libel, due to the name being a pun on the name of original member Sid Vicious.
Contributed to by Kabushi (244679) and Katakis | カタキス (41407)