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It motives unknown, a mysterious digital force collects the combat data of the strongest robot pilots across time and dimensions. In this EXTRA space allies and strangers fights against one another, and waiting at the end for the strongest gundam pilot is the one known only as EX-.

EXTREME VS is the first of the EXTREME versions of the long running Gundam VS. series, bringing an increased roster size along with rebalanced movesets compared to the previous entry. As with previous games, the game is based around co-op combat based on the point system. The most powerful units, such as Wing Gundam Zero of Gundam Wing, will have high point costs while less powerful units, like the mass production GMs of 08th MS Team, will have lower point costs. Each unit deducts its point count from the team total when destroyed, and the first team to hit zero points loses. New to this entry is the Point Over penalty, where if a powerful unit spawns when its point total will put its team many points below zero its armor will be weakened in proportion to the negative points.

All units in the game are controlled with a 3+2 button layout: Shoot, Melee, Dash, and the non-combat Command and Target Switch buttons. Shoot + Melee, Melee + Dash, and Dash + Shoot all produce unique special attacks as well, including very powerful weapons, paralyzing attacks, or summoning AI teammates to combat. Units have wildly different move lists as they are directly based on their original anime properties, so the RX-78 may whip out its SCAD Hammer while the Shining Gundam will throw out a flurry of lighting fast punches. A handful of units, such as the Qant[0] and Strike Gundam, have multiple armor/weapon modes that can be hot-swapped between in combat. Successful hits will build the EXTRA Meter, which can be expended by hitting all three buttons. This mode temporarily powers up the unit and typically adds additional attacks to its combo chains.

Double tapping in any direction quickly boosts in that direction, breaking projectile homing and granting frame advantage. The boost button can be used to both fly and quickly close the distance, but drains the boost bar. The amount of boost used determines how many recovery frames the unit suffers from landing, so expending the full bar will leave the unit vulnerable for more than a half second. The Command button can be used to offer pre-set message suggestions to a human co-op partner, or to command the AI partner. Finally, quickly tapping down then up puts a unit into a blocking position.

In addition to the primary 2v2 mode there are also Arcade and Mission modes. Arcade move can be played solo or co-op, and takes the player through 8 battlefields based on battles from Gundam series before a confrontation with EX-. Scoring an S-Rank on a level offers the choice of challenging an EX version of the following stage, which will be harder than the normal version. In Solo mode the player's partner changes to be appropriate for the original series of that stage. In Mission mode the player moves through a map, completing stages of varying objectives and difficulty, to make their way to "key" missions. Completing all "key" missions on a map unlocks the final challenge mission, which further unlocks a new map if defeated. Every completed mission rewards points that can be used to power up the stats, or smarten the co-op AI, of units in Mission mode. Some missions also reward player emblems for S-rank completion, and the selected emblem will be used on a player profile for leaderboards.

New units were added to the Arcade version monthly until its version update. All of these units were included with the PS3 version by default.


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