Killer Gorilla Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading Screen.
Title Screen.
Lets rescue the girl.
Nearly at the top.
Getting higher.
Next level.

BBC Micro version

The title screen.
Barreling through stage 1.
Cementing a high score on stage 2.
Elevating your character on stage 3.
Riveting gameplay on stage 4.

Electron version

Standard Superior software loader
Loading screen from the Play it again Sam re-release from Superior software
Original Micro Power loading screen
Level 1: Slightly smaller and somehow cuter graphics in the electron version. There seem to be more barrels to pass too.
Begining of level 2
Level 3: Very difficult this one. There are lifts to use and a big bouncy thing flies down the right side of the screen, killing you if you get in it's way.
Just like the arcade, how high can I try
Level 4: remove the yellow segments to collapse the platforms
I've won! The ape plummets to the ground.
High scores