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Killing Cloud Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen.
San Francisco police department logo.
Briefing room.
Details about your mission.
Choose your weapons at armoury.
Walking to your vehicle.
Take off from the roof.
San Francisco's golden gate bridge.
Rear view.
Tracking view.
Game Over.
City Info.
Crime file.

DOS version

Title screen
Insignia of the San Francisco Police Department of the future!
Briefing room
Mission details
Information on your enemies and targets
Information on the equipment available for your mission.
Entering the vehicle in the hangar.
Launching from the police station roof.
San Francisco is beautiful! Er, except for that thick layer of pea-soup smog covering everything.
Additional camera angles allow you to observe your maneuvres.
Beneath the smog, you can't see jack squat. Positively dangerous! (I guess they don't call it a killing cloud for nothing!)
Hey, you saw what the visibility conditions were like!