KinderComp Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen and main menu
Drawing instructions
Drawing some shapes
Letters fill the screen
Number sequences
Matching shapes
Part of the animated name display
Locate the given letter on the keyboard

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Part of the animated name display
A sequence challenge
An animated reward in the letters game

MSX version

Loading screen
Main menu
Dibujar (drawing)
Letras (letters)
Nombres (name)
Numeros (numbers)
Abecedario (Alphabet)
Figuras (figures)

PC Booter version

Title screen
Drawing section
Scribble section
Names section
Sequence section
Letters section
Match section

TRS-80 CoCo version

Intro screen
Main Menu selection
Sequences game

VIC-20 version

Title and main menu
Drawing some shapes
Scribble on screen
The animated name display
The sequence game
The letter game
Match game

ZX Spectrum version

The game starts this little man presenting the game's name, KINDERCOMP, letter by letter. he then doffs his hat and makes way for the main menu
The main menu. The letters that spell KINDERCOMP across the top change colour.
Option 1: Drawing pictures These are the keyboard commands for this game feature.
Here's a completed picture
Look! The background colour can be changed
This is the 'Fill' option in operation. Actually its quite fun to watch
Now when the background is changed only the inside of the shape is affected
Option 2: Scribble The player to presses a key which the game repeats that line across the screen. When the screen is completed it is cleared, the background colour changes and the process repeats
Option 3: Names First the player enters a name
Then the game re-presents the name across the screen in a variety of amusing ways
Option 4: Sequences Here the player must complete the sequence. With each successful answer a part of a picture is revealed.
No, it's not an alien. It's a balloon and its basket. When this sequence is completed the balloon will rise to the top of the screen
Option 5: Letters Here the player must press the key for the letter shown on screen. With each successful answer a part of a picture is revealed.
When the picture is complete it will leave the screen, here the yacht will sail off to the right, and a new game will commence
Option 6: Match Here the player must press 1,2 or 3 to select the symbols that match those in the box. With each successful answer a part of a picture is revealed.
When this question is answered correctly the little man will spell BRAVO and will cover the screen with flowers
Isn't that pretty!