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King Arthur Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Main Title/Main Menu
Options screen
Selecting your character for the mission at hand.
Loading screens sometimes display various hints that may help you in battle.
Game is nicely tuned to fit movie scenes that open every chapter in the story.
Transitions from movie to actual gameplay are quite impressive if not original.
Fend off the attack and protect the carriage with the bishop.
Usually, you'll have allies that will lend you a hand in battle, but enemy forces will always overwhelm you.
Pause game to see mission objectives, upgrades, or change some of the options.
World map
Zoomed map of the current chapter
Lancelot and Arthur usually face the enemy together, whether on foot or on horses.
Arthur on lead, entering the enemy camp... soon to be surrounded.
Blasting the enemy tent in hope to find some strength elixir or a temporary power boost.
Flaming arrows can be a great help to your comrades.
Seems there's a slight misunderstanding with the local landlord.
Rescuing the villagers.