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WindowsPelit (Jan, 2000)
Kaksisataa vuotta sitten riehui sota maailman sydämessä, pyhän Kero Fin -vuoren varjossa. Esi-isämme kävivät taisteluun aikoen hävittää lohikäärmeet maan päältä.
MacintoshmacHOME (1999)
King of Dragon Pass feels more like an epic book than a video game. The artwork is truly masterful and the story is intriguing enough to keep you enthralled for hours at a time. All in all, this is a definite sleeper hit.
MacintoshMac Ledge (May 05, 2000)
I really, really like King of Dragon Pass. I like the fact that my actions affect what happens to my clan and to the other clans in Dragon Pass. For the first time in a very long time I feel as though what I do matters in a game and truly reflects my personal values. Although the goal in every game is the same, how you get there is different every time and makes for high replayability value. When it gets right down to brass tacks, I have a fun time when playing King of Dragon Pass and I think that you will too.
King of Dragon Pass is not a game for everyone. There is a lot of information to juggle and decisions to be made, and learning how to become a proper clan leader takes quite an investment of time. The lack of graphics will definitely turn some people off. If you're willing to overlook that aspect, and are in the mood for a serious empire building game that's quite different from Alpha Centuri or Civilization II, you'll find King of Dragon Pass a very pleasant surprise.
80 (Jun 24, 2013)
King of Dragon Pass est très complexe, mais terriblement accrocheur. Le syndrome du "encore un tour" fonctionne parfaitement bien, même quand la population crève la faim, pour voir ce qu'il va se passer, pour tenter de corriger la situation. Mieux vaut s'y essayer en "facile" pour commencer, et peut être consulter le wiki un tout petit peu (stop malheureux, ne lisez pas le résumé des quêtes héroïques !), mais pas plus. C'est un titre qui tire son plaisir de la découverte et de la compréhension d'un nombre faramineux de paramètres. Évidemment, on pourrait rêver d'une version moderne, avec des superbes artworks animés, une interface un peu plus pratique et encore plus d'évènements différents. Mais en attendant, King of Dragon Pass se joue très bien sur PC et iOS (idéal à la tablette) et les amateurs devraient y songer pour les vacances.
WindowsAll Game Guide (1999)
King of Dragon Pass should appeal to players who have tired of routine conquest games, and who are seeking a robust, comprehensive turn-based strategy experience.
MacintoshMac Game Gate (1999)
Since I'm quite a big fan of RPG-games, I couldn't say I'm disappointed at King of Dragon Pass. It's good fun, entertaining and can keep you in front of your monitor for days. I can't recommend this game to others than RPG-fans or people who enjoys thinking before braindead slaughtering ala Quake, since it's not a game you can play a little on some coffee break. It requires you to spend lots (and I mean lots) of time on it.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Aug 08, 2000)
If King of Dragon Pass were nothing more than another resource management game set in an ancient world, I would not be able to recommend it. But because of it’s other strengths (a sophisticated magic system as well as hundreds of intertwining stories), I feel comfortable in giving it very high marks. It is a great addition to any fantasy library.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Jan 14, 2000)
I love this game, yet I'm not going to recommend it to everyone. The more impatient gamers out there who are accustomed to the whiz-bang visuals and gameplay of today's fare will most likely grow bored with the subtle style of King of Dragon Pass. Plus, the amount of learning required to play the game effectively will put-off those who like to jump right in and start winning. But if you like a great story and you prefer to use your mind over your reflexes, then King of Dragon Pass will keep you entertained for a long while to come.
WindowsStrategy Gaming Online (Dec 21, 1999)
As a good clan leader, you develop a pattern to your clan’s events that’s in synch with the seasons. Only a fool raids in spring when hands should be planting, and for every warrior raiding during the fall that’s just more food left in the fields un-harvested. You brace yourself for the Troll raids in the snows of Dark Season, and restock your herds through ‘neighborly acquisition’ during the summer. Life has a rhythm, and Gloranthan life is more vibrant than most. King of Dragon Pass reflects this vibrancy better than average, and promises the open minded player a novel and immersive experience not to be found in any other game I’ve ever seen. It’s not glitzy, but it’s a great game.
WindowsGameSpy (Mar 21, 2000)
The point, however, is that anyone who purchases the game can look forward to both an ever-changing play environment and a tough game. Casual gamers may want to go with something a little simpler, like Civilization. King of Dragon Pass has depth the likes of which haven't been seen in some time, if ever, in an empire-building game, which will appeal to some, but not others.
WindowsGame Over Online (Jan 18, 2000)
There's no bark, but King of Dragon Pass has some bite. The learning curve is steep and the depth of play is superb, so make sure you've got some time on your hands before you begin playing KoDP. Unfortunately, there exists no multiplayer in this title, single player is all you're going to get. When all is said and done, King of Dragon Pass is a challenging fantasy game that is worthy of a serious strategy gamers' time.
MacintoshElectric Playground (Dec 19, 1999)
Please note however, that artfully presented as King of Dragon Pass may be, there are zero polygons in the entire game and no moving pictures of even the most rudimentary, flipping the top corners of a comic digest form. The game is completely narrative and requires, horror of all horrors, that one read, and more than read, comprehend substantive amounts of text. Even more than is in this review.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Jan 05, 2000)
Despite the presentation and the recycling of events, there are teeth hidden behind the facade. King of Dragon Pass is not a simple game to master, even on the easy level. The learning curve is steep, although the tutorial allows a solid start. In spite of its RPG trappings, the balances needed between economics, religion, trade, politics, and war represent significant depth. Juggling all of these aspects is a challenge worthy of serious strategy gamers' acceptance.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 2000)
Ultimately, KING OF DRAGON PASS is a game long on atmosphere and strategic choices, but it fails to engage at every other level. Call me shallow, but I want gameplay and graphics. And I’ll bet you do, too.
WindowsElectric Games (2000)
There is plenty of reading available within the game to fill you in on the world's history and mythology. There is a good deal of replayability available, as much of any new game is randomized to provide a different challenge. However, wading through screen after screen of static data and images did tire me after a while. There is a decent amount of playability, but I was hoping for more than just allocating resources and magic points. Commanding battles personally would have added to the game, as sending in the troops and hearing the results left me a little flat. There is much to like about the game, but it could use a little more action. Bottom Line: Very imaginative game with a rich historical background. You're presented with intelligent choices to make ensuring the clan's health and growth. Scenarios are randomized, so replayability is ensured. Conflict takes place in the background, leaving the game a little lifeless after a while.
WindowsPC Joker (Jan, 2000)
Der Weisheit letzter Schluss ist das spartanische Gameplay dennoch nicht, selbst wenn sich die Fantasy-Story bei jedem Neustart des Programms anders entwickelt. Bloß die Fans des zugrunde liegenden Tabletop-Szenaraos „Hero Wars“ mögen der Fragestunde etwas abgewinnen können.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Apr, 2000)
Lähmend langsam geladene Standbilder in dieser lausigen Qualität konnte bereits der C64 aufweisen. Zudem trauere ich meiner Schulzeit nicht gerade hinterher, daher törnen mich die ermüdenden Anklicksätze auch nicht gerade an. Positiv fällt bei der überkompliziert bedienbaren Einschlafhilfe allenfalls auf, dass bei jedem Start eine neue Storyline geboten wird. Aber ich kann mir sowieso nicht vorstellen, dass jemand den Doppelfehler begeht, sich in den mit Flötengedudel unterlegten Digital-Roman auch noch ein zweites Mal reinzulesen.
WindowsGamezilla (Mar 31, 2000)
If you are into the old school type of gaming, King of Dragon Pass just might be for you. But if you're a more action oriented gamer you should probably grab a blanket and pillow because you'll be fast asleep playing this game after about 20 minutes. I really tried to like this game but found that there just wasn't anything to draw me in and make me want to spend a few hours playing.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Jan 30, 2000)
Несмотря ни на что, игра найдет своих поклонников и, возможно, немало среди тех же любителей бумажных RPG. Остальным лучше обходить лотки, на которых лежит KoDP, не ближе, чем за километр-другой. Кроме полного и совершенного разочарования вас ничего не ждет. Хотя, скорее всего, разработчики и не рассчитывали на какой-либо коммерческий успех и сделали игру для души и от души. От своей.