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The King of Fighters '95 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Team select
Fight starts
Energy shot
Finish attack
Athena throws Mai
Yuri's deadly shot
Strong kick
Winners poses
Catch energy ball
Kick in balls
Spinning kick
Death from above
Fist in face
Double knock out
Hard stick
Finish shot
Blood punch
Hit the ground!
Judo moves
Flying Iori
Back kick in balls
Air duel
King's special kick
Mai uses fire on Ralf
Street fighting

Game Boy version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Player select
Not so hard!
Flying opponents
O yeah? Let's try again!
Kyo Kusanagi...
...and Yori Yagami. Eternal rivals!
Title screen (in Super Game Boy).
Saisyu, Rugal and Nakoruru are selectable with cheat codes.
Three Rugals? YES!!! Using a cheat code, it is possible to choose the same player 3 times!
"I want the Orochi power, Rugal! NOW!!!"
Nakoruru shows his power in Super Game Boy! Very cool...
Benimaru vs Terry
Athena Vs Joe
Mai Vs Kyo
You won!
Mai Vs Eiji

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Selecting GAME START, you'll have access these game modes. This menu is easy to understand...
Mode selected, watch (if you want) a brief lesson of how to play.
TEAM EDIT, the newness introduced in 1995: selecting NO, the player will choose predetermined teams. Choosing YES, you can create a customized team, with any 3 fighters. Excellent!
Order select. Which is the 1st fighter to fight?
Execute Ryo's Ha Ou Shou Kou Ken and remembers Art of Fighting...
Some moves like this are sufficient to the opponent goes to fry!
Kensou avoiding Mai's CD attack.
The winner team is showed in this screen. The short music played here is the best of all KOFs!
After 1 year of rigid training, Kyo's strength increased successfully!
The more distant, better for you energy meter!
Iori performs the Darkness Sweep.
I am certain that YOU, KOF fanatic player, passed the last 10 years making this classic 3 punches sequence with Iori!
Asobi wa, owari da!
When the fight is situated in this stage, the fighters jump of a bridge and fight soon in the water below.
Remember: Chin's DM removes a good amount of energy while the opponent defends it!
The Phoenix Arrow is a good move. If the opponent will be unprepared, better still!
Athena's Psycho Sword.
Press C+D Buttons to do a body toss attack. But pray for the enemy not to defend...
You can see perfectly that this demo is very disputed!
Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Need I say more?
Omega Rugal's Dark Barrier can used to strike fireballs and many other things...
Rugal's strength manifest in skull form. Very crazy!
Other classic DM: Kyo's Orochi Nagi!
Who said that the humans can't dominate the nature powers?
Ranking screen with your default scores.
Robert has one excellent aerial move!
A good blow in the face can decide the situation.
Something that couldn't happen at this moment is one draw game!
After a fast visit in the plastic surgeon, Rugal (now Omega Rugal) returns again as final boss in 1995.

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen and Main Menu
Order Select
Robert Garcia prefers to use his kicks when dealing with opponents, in contrast to his best friend and rival, Ryo Sakazaki.
Terry Bogard's "Power Dunk" is one AWESOME aerial move!

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
Setting the battle order
Chin Gentsai walked some steps... only to be hit-damaged by Chang Koehan's Evading Defensive Attack!
To stop-end Billy's counterattack possibilities,Yuri takes advantage of her Yuri Super Upper move.
Thanks to Athena Asamiya's Psycho Sword, Clark Steel loses more of its energy and goes to heights!
Robert Garcia walks some steps to hit-attack Mai Shiranui: she uses a Knockdown Attack as answer...
Goro Daimon shake-damaging Mai Shiranui through one of his ground-stomping moves (Super Ousotogari).
Heidern used his slashing-projectile-based move Cross Cutter and stopped Choi Bounge's jump on time!
To escape successfully from Takuma Sakazaki's Haoh Shi Koh Ken, King uses the Attack Evade command.
Kyo Kusanagi flame-burning Andy Bogard through his dash-grabbing move 212 Shiki: Kototsuki You.
Joe Higashi's move Ougon no Kakato during a fast-instant-clash with Kim Kaphwan's move Hangetsu Zan.
Mai Shiranui's projectile-based move Kacho Sen being annulled by Eiji Kisaragi's Steel Wave Slasher.
The impact of Ryo Sakazaki's Ko'ou Ken and Chang Koehan's Breaking Iron Ball went too much for both!
Iori Yagami ends Sie Kensou's counter-attack (?) with a single hit of his anti-air move Dark Thrust.
While Benimaru Nikaido is charging his Power Gauge, King executes her move Trap Shot defensively.
Main menu
A brief tutorial about how to play
Ralf Jones grabs Chin Gentsai successfully and now is about to stomp-hit him with a lot of strength!
With 1 second left, Andy Bogard was enough fast to finish her, Yuri Sakazaki, with his Shouryuu Dan!
Heidern taking advantage of his closing move Storm Bringer: he's steal-replenishing some energy...
Even after a time-up victory, King still hits Kyo Kusanagi through her swinging move Tornado Kick...
Post-match screen.
Through his Ko'ou Ken, Takuma Sakazaki plans to hit-stop Ryo Sakazaki's Power-Gauge-charging-time!
Iori Yagami will try to hit-stop Ralf Jones' Vulcan Punch move only using some kickin' offensive...
Match paused when Joe Higashi's move Bakuretsu Ken stopped Mai Shiranui's move Flying Dragon Blast.
Yuri Sakazaki attacks with her Saiha move, but Terry Bogard was quick-fast in causing some damage...
Chin Gentsai in the best chance to flame-hit Benimaru Nikaido through his DM Gouran Enpou: success!
If Yuri Sakazaki was aiming to hit-damage Benimaru Nikaido, his Sando Osu Kyaku ended with her goal!
Chang Koehan using his chaining-fighting equipment to provoke some bloody damage in Eiji Kisaragi...
Heidern walks some steps trying to hit-attack Kyo Kusanagi: he uses his 75 Shiki Kai defensively...
With his move Choukyuu Dan, P2 Sie Kensou tries to hit-finish P1 Sie Kensou's air move Ryuu Sougeki.
Using his fast-punch-hitting move Zanretsu Ken, Takuma Sakazaki is about to finish off Andy Bogard!
To stop Chang's Spinning Iron Ball move, Daimon will take advantage of his shaking move Jiraishin...
Heidern uses his projectile move Cross Cutter against Terry, but he strikes back using a Power Dunk.
Athena is about to throw her Psycho Ball, then Billy Kane use his DM Flaming Hurricane to stop it!
Kim Kaphwan taunting in the exact time-moment that Terry Bogard counterattacks with a Crack Shoot...
Ralf Jones using one of his attacks (Blitzkrieg Punch) against a crouching-defensive Mai Shiranui.
P1 Robert hit-damaging P2 Robert with some hits of his close-kickin' move Kyokugen-ryuu Renbu Kyaku.
Eiji executing successfully his move Shadow Slicer: he deflected Joe Higashi's move Hurricane Upper!
Joe Higashi tries to hit-attack Saisyu Kusanagi with his Tiger Kick, but Saisyu counter-attacks him.
And Rugal Bernstein tries to use the strength of his move Dark Barrier to hit-stop Kyo Kusanagi...

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