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The King of Fighters '97 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Order select
Blue ball
Death from above
Finish move
Shermie's technique
Mai's wear whip
Next arena
Hard hit
Blood jump
Kick in tits
Nice Kimono
Poor Mai
Hit the ground!
Watch out my shoes
Hugs time
Red screen

iPhone version

Title screen.
Main menu.

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Main menu
The old-school-classic tutorial "How To Play" screen: now, introducing the newest Advanced Mode...
Character selection
Setting the battle order.
Kyo Kusanagi performs a kick at the same time that Athena Asamiya executes her Nu Psycho Reflector.
Taking advantage of some accuracy, Ryuji Yamazaki damages Ralf Jones using his move Bakudan Pachiki.
With Goro Daimon's guard totally open, Ryo Sakazaki hit-attacks him using his move Mouko Raijin Gou!
Kim Kaphwan uses successfully the dodge maneuver and escapes from Robert Garcia's move Ryuugeki Ken.
Joe Higashi attempts to strike back Mai Shiranui, but her close Strong Kick avoided his offensive...
Shingo Yabuki executing his move 100 Shiki: Oniyaki Mikansei against Andy Bogard: a "Critical Hit!!"
Terry's Strong Kick performed simultaneously with Choi's DM Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan...
Demonstration battle in progress: Benimaru Nikaido is about to block Leona Heidern's Strong Kick!
Post-match "victory" screen.
Mai Shiranui attacks Iori Yagami connecting the first 2 hits of her fan-swinging move Hakuro no Mai.
Suddenly, Kyo Kusanagi forces a defensive posture to avoid the next menace: Chris' move Hunting Air!
The battle time expires in a flash, with the victory going to Yashiro Nanakase! Round 2 is coming...
Leona Heidern executes her SDM Gravity Storm in Andy Bogard: it's time for some air-grabbing action!
Athena Asamiya striking back Sie Kensou: this time, he couldn't block her SDM Phoenix Fang Arrow...
Chris performs his Strong Punch in an attempt to hit Ryuji Yamazaki, but he uses the SDM Guillotine!
Due to Shingo's defensive position, Yashiro Nanakase's DM Final Impact will not cause any problem...
Chizuru attempting to hit Leona Heidern with her move 212 Katsu: Shinsoku no Norito... successfully?
Shermie's Light Punch acting simultaneously with Goro Daimon's Low Kick: double damage coming soon!
Kim Kaphwan uses one of his kickin' moves (Neri Chagi) in Orochi Iori, but he was fast to block it.
Meanwhile, Yuri Sakazaki's attempt to hit-damage Orochi Leona is successful: her face was injured...
Which attack will prevail: Orochi Chris' Taiyou o Iru Honoo or Kyo's SDM Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi?
Benimaru Nikaido's SDM Raikou Ken hit-surpasses Orochi Shermie's move Yatanagi no Muchi in a flash!
Goro Daimon takes full advantage of his Strong Punch and hit-stops Orochi Yashiro for some instants.
Orochi Chris, through his SDM Ankoku Orochi Nagi, is about to interrupt Orochi's current offensive!

Neo Geo CD version

Title screen
Character selection
Setting the battle order.
With a high rate of success, Benimaru Nikaido gets to perform his move Kuuchuu Raijin Ken in Ralf...
Using the Emergency Evade command, Shermie gets to avoid Robert Garcia's move Hien Ryuujin Kyaku...
Knowing that King uses an Light Kick against him, Ryo Sakazaki decides to keep a defensive instance.
Billy Kane using his jumping attack Kyoushuu Hishou Kon to avoid Yuri Sakazaki's Haou Shoukou Ken...
Through his attack 100 Shiki: Oniyaki, Kyo Kusanagi attempts to hit-stop Clark Steel's Vulcan Punch.
Mai Shiranui executing successfully her stylish grabbing attack Shiranui Gourin against Clark Steel.
Now, Leona attempts to hit-connect her attack X-Calibur against Kim Kaphwan's move Hangetsu Zan...
With his move Ougon no Kakato, Joe gets to avoid Chang's command attack Hiki Nige for a bit of time.
Athena Asamiya's counterattack chance suddenly dismantled by Yashiro Nanakase's move Upper Duel...
Attempting to hit-damage a recovering Shingo Yabuki, Mai Shiranui executes her attack Hakuro no Mai.
Demonstrative battle: Chizuru uses her move 212 Katsu Otsu Shiki: Choumon no Isshin against Billy...
Victory screen.
Ryuji Yamazaki's attack Hebi Tsukai (Gedan) being frustrated by Terry Bogard's avoiding maneuver...
Shingo Yabuki jumps, and during this maneuver, gets to hit-damage Goro Daimon with a Strike Attack.
Now, P1 Ralf Jones attempts to hit-damage P2 Ralf Jones through his spinning-based attack Ralf Kick!
Billy Kane attacks Mai Shiranui with the massive strength contained in his SDM Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon.
With a perfect timing, P1 Shermie strikes back P2 Shermie through her grabbing DM Shermie Carnival.
Thanks to an accurate blocking, Terry wasn't hit-damaged by Chang Koehan's DM Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu...
Using a simple jump, Athena attempts to avoid Chizuru Kagura's SDM Rimen 85 Katsu: Reigi no Ishizue.
After 12 accurate-non-stop hits, Sie Kensou gets to hit-finish his SDM Senki Hakkei in Kyo Kusanagi!
While a hit-damaged Blue Mary continues to fall, Chris' SDM Twister Drive remains completely active!
Now, Orochi Iori successfully avoids Andy Bogard's attempt to hit-connect his SDM Chou Reppa Dan...
Orochi Leona successfully avoids Terry's DM High Angle Geyser. And now she attempts a counterattack!
Sie Kensou's Body Blow Attack being performed together with Orochi Chris's DM Ankoku Orochi Nagi...
While Orochi Shermie's DM Ankoku Raikou Ken is performed, Mai Shiranui uses the "Backstep" command.
Leona Heidern attempts to use her DM Gravity Storm against Orochi Yashiro, but she doesn't get...
Trying to avoid Orochi's DM Bright Light, Joe Higashi uses the Guard Cancel Emergency Evade command.

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
Setting the battle order.
Clark Steel attacks Ryuji Yamazaki at the exact time that he does his reversal-based move Sadomazo.
Sie Kensou using his projectile-based move Choukyuu Dan to stop Kyo Kusanagi's 910 Shiki: Nue Tsumi.
Meanwhile, Athena Asamiya is about to be struck-damaged by Ryo Sakazaki's move Mouko Raijin Setsu...
Yuri Sakazaki's attempt to hit a just-recovered Leona Heidern with her move Raiouken wasn't great...
Shermie counter-hit-damages Shingo Yabuki using the accurate performance of her move Axle Spin Kick.
Now, Goro Daimon dashes simultaneously to Choi Bounge's DM Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan...
Robert Garcia uses his blow Ryuugeki Ken against Chizuru Kagura, but she starts to avoid the attack.
Kyo Kusanagi's strike back attempt was suddenly interrupted by Billy Kane's Sen'en Sakkon attack...
Ryuji Yamazaki uses a Strong Kick to end Joe Higashi's Hurricane Upper: a double damage is imminent!
In an desperate effort to hit-stop Chang Koehan's Tekkyuu Hien Zan move, King performs an air kick.
Demonstration battle in progress: Blue Mary gets to hit-damage Joe Higashi with a kickin' offensive!
Post-match screen.
Leona attempts to defend Ryo's Haou Shoukou Ken SDM: however, she's not have enough energy for this!
Through the strength of his SDM V Slasher, Leona Heidern starts to hit Chin Gentsai successfully...
Benimaru Nikaido's attempt to hit-damage Yashiro Nanakase was frustrated by his avoiding maneuver...
Chizuru Kagura's SDM Rimen 1 Katsu: Sanrai no Fujin being accurately hit-concluded in Mai Shiranui.
Meanwhile, Andy Bogard reaches Ralf Jones and performs, with success, his grabbing move Gourin Kai.
Training Mode session with Ryuji Yamazaki, that's about to hit-finish his SDM Drill in Iori Yagami!
Yuri Sakazaki attempts to attack Blue Mary using her move Yuri Chou Mawashi Geri... without success.
Goro Daimon approaches Robert Garcia: so, for defensive purposes, he performs his move Ryuu Zanshou.
Mai Shiranui approaches to hit-attack King, but she's suddenly hit-caught by King's DM Silent Flash.
A recovered Orochi Iori must be fast to block the next attack: Shermie's kickin' move Shermie Stand.
Kyo Kusanagi attempts to hit-attack Orochi Leona with his kick, but she was enough fast to block it.
Orochi Chris performs his SDM Daichi o Harau Gouka, aiming to put a quick finish in Robert's taunt.
Billy's DM Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon against Orochi Shermie's Shajitsu no Odori: which move will prevail?
Even with all the possibilities, Blue Mary couldn't escape of Orochi Yashiro's DM Araburu Daichi...
With a bit of luck, Athena Asamiya gets to counter-damage Orochi using her SDM Shining Crystal Bit.
Look that, Mai Shiranui is calling marriage to Andy Bogard marriage before the match starts.

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