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King of the Course Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Main menu
Bubba, our host throughout the game
Showing the points required for a challenge
Ready to swing?
The backswing trail should be green for a good shot
Hitting the ball
The ball is in the air
Here's where we swipe to add some spin
Looks like a good shot
Just look how pleased he is
Bad shots can lead to minus points
And suddenly our golfer isn't so happy anymore
Now time for some putting
The ball is on fire after reaching three stars
This looks like an easy one
You can acquire more shots if you didn't reach the score target
Challenge successful
Sticky balls can be used when you want to get stuck on the bulls eye
Hole in one!
Overview shot of the course
Oh dear, this is not going well
A score zone challenge
Can you hit the floating target?
Replay view
Collected stars lead to golfer updates
Upgrade store
Golfer store