King's Bounty Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Choose your hero.
Difficulty level screen.
Starting the game.
Recruiting troops.
Town of Hunterville.
Details of contract..
In the mountains.
First battle.
The wagon.
You can recruit peasants here.
Wolves were faster.
Vampire is a very difficult enemy.
Map of the world.
Trying to surround Ogres.
Our army.
Recruiting wolves.
End of the week screen.
On a boat.
A siege.

Apple II version

Title screen.
Character selection.
Creating new character and picking difficulty.
World is being generated.
Starting screen.
Reading a sign post.
Visiting a town.
A battle is about to commence.
Combat screen.
A contract.
Character screen.
Viewing your army.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Character select screen
Starting location
Visiting a castle
Town options
Encountering enemies
Turn-based combat
New creatures can be recruited in many places
Orc archers attacking sprites
Helpful discovery
Better let the pikemen attack the dwarfs, the other fighters are too weak
If you refuse to engage in combat, the enemies might still follow you for a while

DOS version

Company logo
Title Screen
In-Game Credits
Choose A Character
Arriving in Continentia
Reviewing Your Character
Recruiting at the Castle
Visiting Town
Getting a Bounty
A Measly Army
Recruiting Some Peasants
In-game options are different during battle and exploration mode
When enemy army spots you, they will follow you to a given border
Before engaging into a fight, you will see enemy forces in time for escape if you don't think you'll prevail in battle
Gold chests mean everything, from money to increased income and maps
Found a special item (there are two per continent)
Archers can shoot from any distance and deal heavy damage before the enemy even comes near you
Forest dwellings will provide you with Gnomes, Sprites, Elves, Druids, and other forest creatures (note the desert where time moves a lot faster)
Buying some Gnomes (you may recruit as much as you have experience points)
Surrounding much tougher enemy, but your strength comes in numbers here
Orcs are the cheapest archers, but can do more damage to certain units
You can only have up to five different armies, though you can dismiss any to replace it with a new one or save some money
To attack the castle you have to buy a siege weapon first, and have a better army than when facing random foes
Checking out the map (parts which you've explored thus far) of the current continent
Inspite of being outnumbered, Trolls can act almost invulnerable sometimes and make you taste a bitter defeat
The victory's yours, though leave at least one army in the castle or monsters will occupy it again
Boat means everything in this game, without hiring one you won't be nearly as agile
Archmage Aurange will teach you magic, but for 5000 gold, though worthy every coin both in battle and exploration modes
In crypts you can recruit Skeletons, Ghosts, Zombies, and other undead creatures
Character Select (CGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Character Select (EGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
Earning promotions will let you command bigger armies
Enemy armies are represented differently on different continent
Recruiting Elves in the forest, they are the strongest archers in the game
Recruiting Nomads in the plains, they are the only unit that can move up to 4 squares
Attacking the enemy castle with an army of archers of all kinds
Good strategy will let you win the battle even with a weaker army than that of your opponent's
Facing the dragons in combat, the strongest unit in the game
Recruiting army from the Saharia will let you take castles on previous continents rather easily
On later continents enemies will be stronger, but reward will be that much greater
When you feel confident, you can attack a strong castle with only a partial army at your command
All the maps and items found and acquired
When the armies are similar in strength, choosing the right strategy will determine the outcome
Castle of the final enemy is impossible to take on the first attack, so you'll have to return after softening his army before you flee
Checking your army's morale and stats... the background color defines unit type (i.e. red for undead units)
The road to victory
The king is thanking you for saving the kingdom in whatever time it took you to do so

FM Towns version

Title screen
Naming your leader
Starting area
Castle options
Leader stats
Army stats
Puzzle screen
Village options
Found a treasure chest
Enemy sighted!
My wolf fights bravely
Not much of the map has been explored
Wolf stats!
We can take them!

Genesis version

Developer screen
Title screen
Character selection
Difficulty selection
Your journey starts in front of king Maximus' castle.
Inside the king's caste you can get audiences and recruit troops.
Town screen
Buy monsters in dungeons.
Adventuring spell menu
Read some signs.
Get money from treasures or leadership by distribution.
A week passes, you get weekly money and pay your army.
Here we found a lost artefact.
Buy monsters at hills.
Buy monsters at plains.
Find mineral deposits and get higher weekly income.
Bridge over troubled water
View the complete map of Continentia.
Our hero's sprite (boat) behind the enemy's sprite ;)
Swimmin' in the lake
Battle option screen
Combat spell selection
Buy some monsters at the forest
Battle inside a castle (here the big boss)
Contract information for the big boss
Victory against a villain (here the big boss)
View puzzle pieces
View the site of the sceptre uncovered completely
Eye candy: all monster types on one screen
Character statistics screen

Macintosh version

Title screen (Color)
Choose a character (Color)
Creating a new character and picking difficulty (Color)
Starting location (Color)
Visiting a town (Color)
A contract (Color)
Visiting a castle (Color)
Reading a sign (Color)
A battle phase (Color)
Viewing my single person army (Color)
Look at all those squares! (Color)
Title screen (B&W)
Choose a character (B&W)
Creating a new character and picking difficulty (B&W)
Starting location (B&W)
Visiting a town (B&W)
A contract (B&W)
Visiting a castle (B&W)
Reading a sign (B&W)
A battle phase (B&W)
Viewing my army (B&W)
Look at all those squares! (B&W)