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Good ideas + horrible realization = Mediocre game NES Bregalad (968)

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Platform Votes Score
MSX Awaiting 5 votes...
NES 7 2.3
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Sharp X1 Awaiting 5 votes...
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Combined User Score 7 2.3

Critic Reviews

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67 (Jun, 2012)
Square was definitely ahead of their time here. Who would have known that twenty-some years later, RPG elements would be showing up in everything from Call of Duty to Street Fighter? While I applaud the overall concept, King’s Knight is hampered down by some choppy controls and borderline obscene difficulty (it takes at least ten items of health to restore your life bar, and only three to destroy it?). Square’s heart is definitely in the right place, though. Someone needs to resurrect this idea, stat!
NESVideo Game Den (Jan 02, 2011)
I personally think that King's Knights has managed to merge two genres together - the game is not for everyone, granted, but it is decent and fun. It's not going to knock your socks off and there's definitively room for improvement, but the game's concept is completely unique and refreshing.
Guide the mighty knight, Rayjack, Kaliva the magician, Balusa the monster and Toby, the kid theif, through strange and unusual lands. Fight bizzare and frightening creatures. Pick up special items and uncover secret underground passages. Advance the adventurers far enough and they will be able to travel together. Then rotate their positions to make them most effective. Take up the gauntlet; the challenge awaits.
One unique aspect of the game is that almost everything on the screen, including trees, walls and cliffs, can be destroyed by the player, but unfortunately the act of clearing out obstacles can often leave you vulnerable to enemies. A mixed blessing which makes for a somewhat frustrating experience.
WiiNintendo Life (Mar 25, 2008)
King’s Knight is, at best, a brave attempt to try to fuse the vertical shooter with the RPG genre. At its worst it’s a poorly designed and ultimately frustrating mess that really isn’t worth any of your time. Don’t be suckered in by the credentials of the developer; there’s a very good reason why you’ve never heard of this game.
WiiIGN (Mar 26, 2008)
Square Enix's lip-service support of the Virtual Console has earned us another stinker from the RPG masters' backlog of non-RPGs. King's Knight is a poor substitute for the old-school role-playing experiences we could be getting instead, but the company seems solidly set on a strategy of simply remaking those old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games again and again, and is unlikely to ever damage their own bottom line by re-releasing the original versions of those adventures for just five bucks. Still, we can hold on to hope that it might happen someday – the potential that a masterpiece like Chrono Trigger might one day arrive in the Wii Shop seems just a little bit better every time something else from Square shows up there, even if it is comparative junk like this too-tough shooter.
There is a reason why Final Fantasy was the last project Square thought they would ever make. Most of the games released before Final Fantasy were bad. King’s Knight is one of those bad games. The game as a whole doesn’t even last thirty minutes, but trying to beat the game is impossible. Only pick this one up if you are a collector, but make sure you don’t buy this on the Virtual Console.