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King's Knight Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Square Logo
Title and Play Select screen
The game characters
This game is a variation of Konami's Knightmare
Blast your way through rocks
Kill the hostile swarm of enemies
Pick up the squared objects with an arrow in it
Occasionally special items appear. It will give you invulnerability or a shield
Those blocks are rock solid and can not be shot out of your way!
Game Over
Another stage
A grave yard stage

NES version

American title screen
Title screen
Pick up the special items like the boot.
Game over for Barusa
Collect as many squared blocks that contain an arrow
You can move slowly through the water
Game over for Tory
Blast the rocks away
Game over for Ray Jack
Shoot all hostile enemies
Game over for Wizard Kaliva
All characters are dead
In the underground dungeons.
The Knight fights a boss monster.
Those blue blocks on the lower screen appear only when you touch them and are impenetrable.
The Knight levels up.
Wizard tries to make a break for the stairs.
The dragons shoot a barrage of flames that I must dodge.

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Main menu
Each of the 4 characters has their own stage. The asterisks on the bottom show how many of the 4 spell elements they have found
Ray Jack's stage
Found the entrance to one of the dungeons in this stage
There's a cutscene before each dungeon and you can also save your game at this spot
The dungeons are completely different from the NES/MSX versions
Kaliva's stage
The start of one of the dungeons in Kaliva's stage
The up arrows increases the player's health
Varusa's (called Barusa in the other versions) stage
Dungeon in Varusa's stage, picking up the sword increases strength, while picking up the shield increases defense
Toby's stage
One of the dungeons in Toby's stage, the guy between the two holes is one of the spell elements
Fifth and final stage - Castle of Isande. You control all 4 characters as one unit. The arrows scattered along the ground rotates the party leader
There are 3 items that need to be collected in this stage, that red arrow is one of them. All three are required in order to defeat the boss
If you collected all four spell elements in Varusa's stage, you can transform him into a flying dragon at this spot, that way you can safely fly over the statues without taking any damage
The final boss, you need to attack him with all four characters

Official Screenshots

  • King's Knight Screenshot
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  • King's Knight Screenshot
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