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Probably the ONLY Beach Volleyball game... DOS Kasey Chang (4609)
The only playable v-ball game I know. DOS Roedie (5246)

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Platform Votes Score
Commodore 64 Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS 19 3.3
NES 8 3.9
Combined User Score 27 3.5

Critic Reviews

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NESSharkberg (Aug 17, 2015)
As it stands, Kings of the Beach might be my favorite sports game. As in ever. It’s an extremely rewarding co-op experience, has perfect controls and excellent graphics, and a punishing difficulty curve that is still entirely manageable. As a learning experience with a friend it’s an absolute hoot, and playing four players competitive is unbelievably rewarding. Screw your modern games; get three pals over and play some 8-bit beach volleyball!
NESThe Video Game Critic (Jan 01, 2001)
Its graphics are terrific, with scenic backdrops and well-defined players. Okay, one guy looks like he's wearing a diaper, but work with me here. A brilliant control scheme lets you spike, block, and even dive for the ball. One problem that plagues many volleyball games is the ability to get your player into proper position to hit the ball. Kings of the Beach addresses this issue by stopping your player once he's moved into the correct spot, and that makes all the difference in the world. There's even a training mode to help you learn the moves. Volleyball is all about teamwork, and this game makes it easy to cooperate. Grab a multi-tap to form teams, or join forces with a friend to challenge a CPU-controlled team! Kings of the Beach is easy to play, but mastering it is another story, and the CPU opponents are no joke. So if you're in the mood to run around in the sand and spike a ball into somebody's face, Kings of the Beach is your game.
NESVideoGame (Jun, 1991)
Kings of the Beach é um vôlei de praia, disputado em duplas. Entre as jogadas, há o saque normal, apertando-se o A para a bola subir e o B para lançar, o saque por baixo (A e B juntos) ou o "viagem" (A duas vezes).
Soviel zu einem wirklich herausragenden Sportspiel, das sicher innerhalb kürzester Zeit seine Freunde finden wird. Vergleicht man dieses Programm beispielsweise mit Rainbow Arts‘ Volleyball Simulator, so wird man fesstellen, daß KINGS OF THE BEACH in allen Belangen besser abschneidet. Super Grafik, perfekte Animation und nicht zuletzt der hervorragende Sound, gepaart mit den witzigen Gags - all das zusammen macht ein Spiel aus, das man schon jetzt zu den Highlights des Jahres ‘89 zählen darf.
The beach action is accentuated by very good animation, even if the graphic detail comes up a bit short. Other nice touches include characters from other Ultra games Skate or Die! and Ski or Die showing up to play, and there’s even the ability to argue with the ref over a close call!
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
If you like beach volleyball, or regular volleyball, then you will enjoy Kings of the Beach. This is a great game, possibly the best volleyball game on the Commodore 64.
DOSThe Games Machine (UK) (Jun, 1989)
Kings of the Beach is great fun, once the practice courts have been visited a few times (the first few attempts usually end with you collecting a facefull of sand). The game is very colourful and contains some amusing attention to detail such as players brushing the sand oft themselves after taking falls, or venting frustration by kicking the sand in annoyance. And, for this country at least, Kings of the Beach introduces us to an unfamiliar outdoor sport.
DOSPower Play (Apr, 1989)
Kings of the Beach ist die beste Volleyball-Simulation, die ich bislang auf einem Computer gespielt habe. Dank der drei verschiedenen Schlagarten kann man alle wichtigen Techniken des Volleyball-Sports anwenden. Geglückte Schmetterbälle oder trickreiche Blocks sorgen für lustvolle Erfolgseriebnisse. Ob zu zweit, mit oder gegen einen Spieler, alleine mit einem Computer-Partner gegen andere Teams - hier wurde kaum ein Modus vergessen. Es gibt sogar einen “Trainingsplatz“, um die einzelnen Schlagtechniken in Ruhe zu üben. Volleyball ist nicht gerade die aktionsreichste Sportart auf Erden. Kings of the Beach wird aber nicht langweilig, weil alle wichtigen spielerischen Aspekte ins Programm gepackt wurden.
75 (Jul, 2012)
Virtual volleyball arguably doesn’t get much better than a bunch of dudes sitting around an NES. Some burgers, some beers, a few laughs. Just don’t go looking for pixelated chicks. This ain’t Queens of the Beach.
Even with help you'll find it tough to play consistently, so it's probably best left to dedicated fans of the sport.